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  • Inweld AUSPLGUN-L Buck-i SL100 MIG Spool Gun

Inweld AUSPLGUN-L Buck-i SL100 MIG Spool Gun

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Inweld AUSPLGUN-L Buck-i SL100 MIG Spool Gun



The Buck-i spool gun plugs directly into the -L (OH style) OEM competitive MIG welders – no additional wiring or harnesses are required


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Not All Welds are Created Equal With the Norstar N810002

Even if the general concept of welding is universally accepted—with applying a huge amount of heat to some substance, like a metal—the ways and reasons that this is done vary a lot. Sometimes welders are used to join separate components together, such as with pipes. Other times, welding is designed to cut incredibly strong materials into smaller pieces, such as steel plating so it can be put to use in construction, shipbuilding and other areas.

And then there are those instances when things change because of the materials that you are working on. Welders often require a combination of gas and energy in order to work, but sometimes, with specific materials, such as aluminum, an extra “ingredient” is required in order to safely and effectively get the work done with a welding torch. For that kind of specific job, Coplay Norstar has just the thing for people that need to work with this material.

Buck-i Spool Gun- Part of the Inweld Family

Inweld is a company that has put more of a focus not on building itself, but making it possible for other companies that are experiencing smaller success to grow, and share their quality products on a larger scale. Because of that, they’ve made a great name for themselves in the industry by acquiring companies and giving them what they need to enter a large stage on the national or even global business world.

Coplay Norstar is just another example of this success. This is a company that has made it a point to look at what expensive, higher end gear can do that commands such a high price tag, and then find ways to bring those same features to skilled tradesmen at lower prices. Not everyone has an unlimited budget, but everyone wants quality, efficiency and safety, which is what Coplay Norstar delivers with equipment like their Buck-I spool gun.

A Reliable Feed

The Coplay Norstar N810002 Buck-I spool gun is designed for those situations in welding, such as aluminum, when you need to feed a wire into the area of work in order to get a proper welding reaction. As with a lot of other Coplay Norstar products, this is designed to work flawlessly with other Coplay Norstar gear, such as M200-M and M140-M MIG welders.

However, it can still work with other equipment like –L (OH style) MIG welders without needing additional wiring or harnesses. With an optional adapter, it can also be made to fit certain models of Lincoln welders for additional flexibility. The gun weighs approximately 8 lbs, and can be used with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. It uses standard M-10 style consumables, and standard 4” wire spools. It’s efficient, dependable and reliable without being too expensive.

Good Prices, Fast Shipping

If you’re working with steel or aluminum and need something like the Coplay Norstar Buck-I spool gun to help you get the job done, we can send your order to any address in the continental United States. You’ll get your package quickly and in perfect working condition thanks to the alliances we have with established, respected shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about the additional cost of shipping and handling. We’ll pay for that ourselves as our way of showing you our appreciation for supporting a hard-working, honest American business.


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