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  • JAZ 4-1/2" Regular Twist Wheel, 20 Knots 5/8"-11 Thread 6 Pack

JAZ 78052B 4-1/2" Regular Twist Wheel, 20 Knots 5/8"-11 Thread 6 Pack

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JAZ 78052B 4-1/2" Regular Twist Wheel, 20 Knots 5/8"-11 Thread 6 Pack


  • 4-1/2" Regular Twist Wheel, 20 Knots
  • .020" Temp. Steel
  • 5/8"-11 Thread

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Clean Your Work with JAZ USA Twist Wheel Brushes

Different types of work will use different tools and methods, and the same applies to that final touch of cleaning. Not every project needs to be thoroughly cleaned or polished at the end of the process, but if something is getting ready for general public use, or specific scientific or medical requirements, then a thorough cleaning may be a vital part of the finishing process. Of course, with some of the most intensive work, just taking a bit of wet cloth to rubbing hard isn’t always going to get the job done, but a JAZ USA twist wheel will.

High Quality Wire Brushes

JAZ USA is a subsidiary of JAZ Zubiaurre, a company based in Spain. Since 1924, they’ve been serving both the professional and general consumer markets with their cleaning products. Their brushes have become widely used and recognized, and JAZ itself has become a trusted brand name first in Spanish countries such as Mexico and Spain and now in the USA. Through their American branch, JAZ USA, the company continues to sell and specialize in a variety of brushes, offering control brushes, protective brushes and laminated brushes that serve many different needs. All of these brushes serve the same general function; to provide a cleaning solution that works efficiently, but gently, so as not to damage to material that needs to be cleaned.

The Twist Wheel Difference

Using the JAZ 78052B twist wheel means needing a tool that works hard but does so with delicacy. A powered brush is an impact tool, not an abrasive. This means that it removes paint or other adhering material, but restricts its work to the surface. An abrasive, like a grinding wheel, however, works by actually removing base material along with whatever you are trying to clean off. Depending on the type of finish you want, the twist wheel is a better choice. The JAZ wheels use twist knot wire, which offers a longer life as well as a higher rate of efficiency for removal, but these wheels aren’t recommended for fine work, as they leave a rougher finish. However, because these are brushes, they are also much more flexible, allowing you to reach difficult or awkwardly shaped areas, for greater, more even coverage.

Quick Shipping, Great Prices

We can send your JAZ twist wheel to you with very reasonable shipping rates, and in a timely fashion anywhere in the continental United States through the alliances we have with established shipping partners. If you want even more value, any order you place over $100 will waive the shipping and handling fee entirely. We’ll pick up the tab ourselves as a “thank you” for the continued support you’ve shown to our business.

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