Lincoln Electric K4857-4-3-116 Magnum® PRO Barrel HDE™ 350 Ready-Pak®, 0.052-1/16 in, K466-3, 25 ft

$ 751.81

Lincoln Electric K4857-4-3-116 Magnum® PRO Barrel HDE™ 350 Ready-Pak®, 0.052-1/16 in, K466-3, 25 ft


Magnum® PRO Semi-Automatic MIG welding gun with 350A 100% mixed gas duty cycle with 25 ft. cable, K466-3 gun connector, 0.052-1/16 in. gun liner, and 0.035-5/64 in. (0.9-2.0 mm) wire diameter range.


  • The Magnum PRO Barrel HDE welding guns line offers premium performance and improved efficiency. The Barrel HDE, or Heavy Duty and Ergonomic, semi-automatic welding guns are designed for robust operation, versatility and comfort. The Barrel HDE welding guns are smaller and lighter than the Magnum Pro Barrel guns making them easier to control. Compared to the Curve HDE equivalent, the handle style comes down to operator preference. The Barrel HDE features a Paddle trigger style, while the Curve HDE has a Standard trigger. In addition, Lincoln Electric’s long lasting premium expendables are tailor-made to maximize the HDE line’s performance.
  • 100% Duty Cycle - The Magnum PRO Barrel HDE guns have the highest duty cycle rating in their class, making them ideal for rugged environments and high heat applications
  • Premium Expendable Performance - Lincoln Electric's long-lasting Magnum PRO expendables are designed with welding arc performance in mind. Using Magnum PRO expendables results in more time welding and less time wasted
  • Tool-less Rotatable Gun Tube - The bolt of the gun tube can be loosened without the need for tools and rotated 360°, so it is easy to position into a comfortable spot for welding
  • Over-Molded Handle - The soft rubber over molding enhances comfort and allows for an easier grip of the gun
  • Maximum Versatility -By turning the gun tube 180°, the straight barrel handle can be used as a trigger on top welding gun

What's Included

(1) Welding Gun with 15 ft Cable, (1) KP4694-60 60⁰ Gun Tube, (1) KP2773-1 Insulator, (1) KP2747-1 Diffuser, (1) KP2745-116 Contact Tip 1/16 in, (1) KP2743-1-62R Nozzle, (1) KP44-116-25 Liner, (1) K466-3 Gun Connector

Warranty Length

90 Days