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  • Lincoln K1813-1 Cool-Arc 40 115/1/50/60

Lincoln K1813-1 Cool-Arc 40 115/1/50/60

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Lincoln K1813-1 Cool-Arc 40 115/1/50/60


The Cool-Arc 40 is a reliable and affordable water cooler for water-cooled MIG or TIG as well as plasma cutting applications. Available in both 115 and 230 volt models, the Cool-Arc 40 features a rugged industrial pump manufactured by Pro-Con, the leading pump manufacturer for welding water coolers. This pump is an industry standard, making the Cool-Arc 40 easy to service and maintain. The Cool-Arc 40 operates smoothly and minimizes vibrations that would otherwise be transferred to the welding torch.


Top Features:

  • Industry standard Pro-Con internal water pump is easy to service and maintain and is designed for continuous operation, delivering a steady flow and pressure.
  • Powerful "muffin-syle" tube axial fan provides efficient cooling, low noise, and smooth operation to minimize vibration in the welding torch.
  • Plastic, non-corrosive, 2-gallon reservoir limits loaded Cool-Arc 40 weight to 60 lbs
  • Unit can be mounted and operated either horizontally or vertically for minimal footprint
  • Compatible with all Lincoln water-cooled systems including Cobramatic water-cooled push-pull torches
  • Color-coded inlet and outlet coolant connections are standard female CGA-style (5/8-1/8 left-hand thread)
  • No special coolant required for indoor use - uses tap water
  • CE (Europe) and C-Tick (Australia) complaint (K2187-1 only)

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