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  • Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Plasma Circle Cutting Guide (1 Each)

Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Plasma Circle Cutting Guide (1 Each)

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Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Plasma Circle Cutting Guide (1 Each)

Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Plasma Circle Cutting Guide work with ALL LC Series Plasma Cutting Torches and cuts circle from 3 - 33 inches. This a genuine Lincoln Plasma Circle Cutting Guide so you know it'll work great with your Lincoln Plasma Cutter.

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Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Plasma Circle Cutting Guide: Time For Precision

While it’s a relatively new addition to the world of the heavy industry, the debut of plasma cutters was a welcome one for skilled tradesmen. The word “plasma” itself seems like something out science fiction that should be helping to power a warp engine. In reality, it is merely another useful state of matter that has become much cheaper and easier to implement in everyday work situations in an industrial setting.

One of the things that plasma cutting is so useful for is working with different non-ferrous materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and even cast iron. When working with materials within the thickness range of a plasma cutter, work can be extremely fast and efficient, but it can also be extremely focused. Because of that, plasma cutting can often be the favorite technique to use when it comes to very specific, precise cutting. But of course, while doing such precision purely by hand might something that extremely skilled tradesmen can do, there are tools, like the Tomahawk plasma circle cutting guide to help.

Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk Continues To Innovate

Lincoln Electric started with a canny insight back in 1885 from its founder, John C. Lincoln. He saw the future, and realized that electric motors would be an important part of it, so he started producing and selling them for industrial purposes. Needless to say, his insight was right on the money and the demand for his products was huge.

Over 100 years later, Lincoln Electric is still a major player in electrical based technology, but now it’s a multinational company with a huge nationwide and global presence. And while its specialty is no longer exclusively in electrical motors, the industrial equipment that uses electricity is still very much in evidence. New advances in welding continue to be a focus for Lincoln Electric, and that’s why there’s been a steady evolution in welders from to MIG/TIG to plasma cutters. And that’s where new accessories like the Tomahawk plasma circle cutting guide can help.

Change Is Easy With LC Series Plasma Cutting Torch Guides

The Lincoln K2886-1 Tomahawk plasma circle cutting guide is the ideal accessory for people that need to cut out perfectly shaped circles for industrial purposes. In many cases, neat circular cuts aren’t just for show, but a necessary part of smooth operations for an intended part or component.

The Tomahawk plasma circle cutting guide is designed to work with all LC series plasma cutting torches, and works for circles between the range of 3-33”. The set comes complete with its own protective casing, so that it can be stowed away neatly when not in use. The usual high quality of Lincoln Electric work applies here, so you can count on smooth, reliable action, as well as repeatable results every time, which is important when you’re doing something like cutting out circles in metal alloys.

Low Prices, Safe Shipping

If a Lincoln Tomahawk plasma circle cutting guide is something that can add to your productivity, we can ship you one of these cutters to any address in the continental United States. It will arrive safe and sound, and your wait will be short, thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, reliable shipping partners. There won’t even be any additional charges for shipping and handling. We’ll cover that expense ourselves as our show of thanks for your support of a hardworking, American business.


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