• Lincoln K2942-1 115V Bench Welding Rod Oven (1 each)

Lincoln K2942-1 HydroGuard Bench Welding Rod Over 115V (1 each)

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Lincoln K2942-1 HydroGuard Bench Welding Rod Over 115V (1 each)


Outstanding Moisture Resistance for Improved Weld Quality 


HydroGuard Rod Ovens help protect stick electrodes from moisture pickup, a major contributor to weld cracking and porosity. The Bench model holds up 350 lbs (159 kg) of stick up to 18" (46 cm) in length, enough for multiple operators in almost any fabrication shop.


  • Input Voltage 115/120
  • Circular Shape Directs Airflow – Distributes heat evenly and directs moisture to the vent.
  • Adjustable Thermostat – Regulate temperature from 100-550° F (38-228° C). Pilot light indicates active heating mode. Housing recesses controls for added protection. 
  • Flexible Interior Configuration – Remove shelves to use rod oven for pre- or postweld heating of welded parts.
  • Variable Moisture Vent – Regulate interior moisture levels
  • Handy Shelf - A horizontal surface added to the top provides a surface for taking notes, storing documentation or necessary tools. 
  • Data Logger Capable - Records time and temperature to comply with certain code requirements.

Temperature Range:

  • 100-500 Degrees Fahrenheit  
  • Minimum ambient operating temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain a rode oven chamber temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating Element:

  • Two elements - 1000 watts total

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