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Lincoln K2977 Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Lincoln K2977 Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves

    Lincoln K2977 Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves have a full Leather construction for general purpose steel fabricator work or light welding. High quality split grain cow-hide leather provides an excellent fit, feel, and ample dexterity. The light grain goat skin back allows the gloves to breathe, while a Velcro wrist flap ensures a tight fit. A padded palm addd comfort and high quality Nomex red thread gives the strength and style workers want.


    Lincoln K2977 Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves Features:


    • All leather construction for light welding or metal working
    • Durable Form Fitting Goat Skin back for optimal dexterity
    • Top Grain Cow-hide Padded Palm for Extra Comfort and Superior Wear
    • Elastic wrist for a snug fit with hook & loop wrist tab

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    Versatility On The Job Can Help

    For some jobs, it’s important to have highly specialized equipment designed to do just one thing and do it well. When it comes to something like eye protection for welding, this is certainly the case, as a generic pair of sunglasses is unlikely to prevent a skilled worker from getting eye damage once the intense light of a torch fires up.

    On the other hand, sometimes versatility can be more efficient and save more time. When you’re working in a construction job, for example, it’s not unusual to be called on to perform different activities over the course of the workday. If you have the gear that lets you smoothly transition from one type of job to another without making elaborate preparations, that can save a lot of time. That’s where the Lincoln Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves can be useful since they are light welding gloves perfect for a variety of jobs.

    Lincoln Is About Protection

    Lincoln Electric is a company that is more focused on people, protecting them, and making sure they have the right tools, but it wasn’t always this way. At the company’s beginning, back in 1885, the founder, John C. Lincoln was more concerned with the then revolutionary advancement of the electric motor, which was a general technology for the entire industry.

    In the 21st century, the company is now more concerned not with the cornerstone technology, but the people who use it, the skilled workers. Lincoln Electric has a range of products that make sure people can do their work, but they also have accessories that protect them while they do their work, like their Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves.

    Designed for Fabrication Works

    The Lincoln K2977 Full Leather Steelworker Welding Gloves are designed for efficiency and multi-functionality. The dexterity of these gloves means that they are suitable for working with steel and providing adequate protection from the scrapes, scratches and other hazards that are always present in this particular area of the industry.

    However, the design and material of these full leather steelworker welder gloves mean that this dexterity also provides good protection for light welding duties. The goatskin back ensures a good fit, but still, allows for a good range of movement. The top grain cowhide padded palm also makes sure that a comfortable, firm grip is possible, while still providing a large degree of comfort and superior wear. Even the wrist is taken care of, with an elastic for snugness, and a hook and loop wrist tab making them the perfect steel fabricator work gloves.

    Low Prices, Quick Shipping

    To add a pair of these full leather steelworker gloves to your protective gear, just send us your order, and we can deliver them to any door in the continental USA. They’ll arrive in no time at all, with no wear and tear, thanks to the alliances we have reputable, established shipping partners. You can even get more value for your money by ordering a few more things from us. Any orders that total over $100 have no shipping and handling charges. We’ll pay that expense ourselves, and send it to you free!


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