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Lincoln K2981 Leather Tig Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Lincoln K2981 Leather Tig Welding Gloves


Lincoln K2981 Leather Tig Welding Gloves have supple goat skin leather and split grain cow hide which provides the form fitting style needed for TIG welding. A welted thumb provides extra durability, while Kevlar stitched seams give the gloves high tensile strength. Get yours today and see for yourself why they are so popular.


Lincoln K2981 Leather Tig Welding Gloves Features:


  • Form fitting grain goat skin leather provides optimal fit and feel for TIG welding
  • Unlined, padded palm allows dexterity
  • 4 Inch Split Cow hide cuff for added heat protection
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread for maximum seam strength
  • Lightweight construction for dexterity

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      Maximum Protection With The Lincoln K2981 Tig Welding Glove

      TIG welding involves the use of an extremely powerful—and, under the wrong circumstances—extremely dangerous tool. The job of a Tungsten Arc Welder is to provide enormous amounts of heat, which already requires a lot of caution, but on top of that a lot of light and a lot of sparks are generated as well. This can mean potential trouble for anything that needs to be in proximity, and our hands are, unavoidably, right in the thick of things.

      That’s why special protection is needed for the hands, since they have to hold the torch and manage the weld, placing them right in the heart of the action. It’s no exaggeration to say that the hands are put at the greatest amount of risk during welding work, but that’s something that Lincoln Electric understands very well. And they’ve got an answer to this problem.

      Lincoln Tested

      For over 100 years, Lincoln Electric has been serving heavy industries, both creating the equipment that’s used, and even pioneering some of the techniques that are commercial standards today. This means that they know the business, and they know the risks that welders are exposed to every time they go to work, and they want to ensure that workers get the protection they deserve while still being able to do the job right.

      When it comes to gloves, Lincoln has spent decades working with welders to see what their needs are, and how those needs change as new equipment comes on the line, and the scope of the work changes. The Lincoln K2981 TIG Welding Glove has been specially made for people that work with these powerful tools, and it shows in the design.

      The Quality You Expect From Lincoln Welding Gloves

      The Lincoln K2981 TIG Welding Glove comes in all the appropriate sizes from small to 2XL to ensure there’s an effective, comfortable fit regardless of hand size. The gloves are made primarily of goat leather, which provides both durability and flexibility at the same time. The palm has been padded, but is unlined, to allow for dexterity with the fingers, while still allowing for a solid grip.

      The glove comes with a cuff made of split cowhide, and this adds to the protection, giving coverage to the wrists against sparks. The entire glove is sewn together with Kevlar, which provides a combination of extremely tough, strong weave, while at the same time being flame resistant for more safety and protection.

      Reasonable, Fast Shipping

      If you’ve decided the Lincoln K2981 TIG Welding Glove is for you, our shipping and handling is fairly priced. The partnerships we have with established shipping companies ensures that you’ll get your order in good time anywhere in the continental United States, and for orders that total over $100, the shipping is on us.

      Top Protection with The Lincoln K2981 TIG Welding Glove

      The majority of jobs in professional industries require good use of the hands in order to see important tasks finished. Even writers need good dexterity to type on a keyboard or hold a pen if they do their work longhand. But unlike welders, writers and even doctors or musicians, don’t need to worry too much about exposing their hands to danger just to get their jobs done.

      That is definitely not the case for the skilled tradesmen that are at the heart of welding activities. Even though an experienced worker is still often the best solution to many welding tasks, the job itself requires that hands be placed in proximity to damaging heat and dangerous spatter. And that’s why Lincoln created their line of leather TIG welding gloves.

      Lincoln Understands Safety

      John C. Lincoln was a man ahead of his time. He started his company back in 1885, and already understood just how important electricity was going to be, not just to the heavy industry, but the entire world. He created his company with the intention of selling electrical motors that could help make a difference.

      He succeeded, and while his company no longer exclusively focuses on electrical motors, over a century later, it’s still an important player in the heavy industry. Skilled workers all over the world rely on both Lincoln tools as well as Lincoln protection to do their jobs safely and efficiently. The Lincoln Leather TIG welding gloves are the answer to premium hand protection.

      Safety You Can Trust

      The Lincoln K2981 Leather TIG Welding Gloves are an essential part of any welder’s arsenal for doing the job. The primary material of this glove is top grain goatskin leather, which makes for a good fit, while still providing a good feel for the demands of welding. For a good grip, the unlined, padded palm is designed to help retain dexterity.

      The gloves are made with a 4” split cowhide cuff for a bit of heavier durability that provides additional heat protection, but it still fits close enough to allow for easy work without getting in the way. In order to ensure maximum seam strength that is still heat resistant, Kevlar has been used for the stitching. In order to keep dexterity high the design of the gloves is lightweight, one of the reasons why goatskin was chosen as the primary material, with cowhide only applied at the cuff.

      Low Prices, Easy Shipping

      Enjoy greater protection through wearing these Lincoln TIG welding gloves, we can send a pair to any door in the continental United States. Your waiting time will be extremely short, and they will arrive in pristine condition, thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, professional shipping partners.


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