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  • Lincoln K2985 Traditional FR Cloth Welding Jacket front
  • Lincoln K2985 Traditional FR Cloth Welding Jacket front and back

Lincoln K2985 Traditional FR Cloth Welding Jacket (Medium to XXXL)

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Lincoln K2985 Traditional FR Cloth Welding Jacket 

  • Constructed with 100% 9 oz. flame retardant cotton
  • Inside left pocket for protected storage
  • Machine washable
  • Snap sleeves for form fitting cuffs
  • Length is 30 inches measured from collar seam to bottom of jacket


Part No./ Size Chest Measurement in"
Jacket Sleeve in.
Jacket Torso in.
K2985-M 40-42 (102-107) 31 (79) 30 (76)
K2985-L 44-46 (112-117) 32 (81)

30 (76)
K2985-XL 48-50 (122-127) 33 (84)

30 (76)
K2985-XXL 52-54 (132-137)  34 (86)

30 (76)
K2985-XXXL 56-58 (142-147) 35 (89)

30 (76)


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The Right Weld Needs The Right Gear

If you’re in the heavy industry and you do any kind of welding, you know that this isn’t a last minute, casual activity where you just “jump in and start.” Welding is a very complex technique that requires an enormous amount of preparation, not just to do the job with a high level of quality, but to also ensure personal safety since welding the wrong way can result in crippling injuries or even death.

For anyone that doesn’t take the appropriate precautions, welding presents several different hazards. The light generated by a welder is bright enough to blind a person permanently. The heat of the torch itself is, for technical reasons, intense enough to be lethal. And the spatter that can be produced by welding can be extremely dangerous and painful if it lands on exposed skin. That’s why Lincoln made its FR cloth welding jacket.

Lincoln Is About Doing It Right

Lincoln Electric has always been devoted to taking care of people, but it hasn’t always been primarily about doing that for welding. Back in 1885, the company, first started by John C. Lincoln, was more focused on technology like the electric motor. Their high-tech focus first put them on the map, though they expanded to include more tools for the heavy industry itself.

Over a century later, Lincoln Electric is now known throughout the world for creating both quality tools and accessories that allow people to do their jobs efficiently and, more importantly, safely. They have a range of different equipment, but they also provide the protective gear to go with it, allowing people to do their jobs with the right protection, without limiting what they can do on the job. The FR cloth welding jacket is just another example of this goal in action.

Flame Resistant Welding Jackets Made For Safety

Lincoln’s K2985 traditional cloth flame-resistant welding jacket has a selection of sizes. You can start with medium and go all the way up the spectrum to 3XL, so it’s a good range for different people of different fits. This jacket is designed for lighter amperage work only; so don’t use it for heavier work. It also has polyester seams for added safety.

The Lincoln K2985 is designed to be light and flexible, affording a free range of movement, without sacrificing protection from heat and flames. If you need to carry anything extra, it comes built with a protected interior pocket for more storage. The cuffs are snap sleeves for an adjustable, tight fit, and the jacket is 30” from collar seam to the bottom of the jacket. For added convenience, the jacket is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about expensive cleaning options.

Fair Prices, Fair Shipping

If one of our Lincoln cloth FR welding jackets can help you do your job better, we can send this jacket to any door in the continental USA. Your waiting time will be minimal, and the order will arrive safely thanks to the alliances we have with experienced shipping partners. If you’re looking for more value for your money, save up your orders, and place one with us that totals over $100. If you do that, there’s no extra charge for shipping and handling!

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