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  • Lincoln K2986 Shadow Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket (Medium - 3XL)

Lincoln K2986 Shadow Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket (Medium - 3XL)

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Lincoln K2986 Shadow Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket (Medium - 3XL)


  • Durable split cow-hide sleeves combined with Flame Retardant cotton body for stick welding
  • Unique spatter guard lining behind the snaps add extra protection
  • Flip-up Velcro Collar offers extra protection
  • Two large outside Velcro flapped pockets for protected storage 
  • Black jacket with red shadow accents offers style while welding 


Part No./ Size Chest Measurement in"
Jacket Sleeve in.
Jacket Torso in.
K2986-M 40-42 (102-107) 31 (79) 30 (76)
K2986-L 44-46 (112-117) 32 (81) 31 (79)
K2986-XL 48-50 (122-127) 33 (84) 32 (81)
K2986-XXL 52-54 (132-137)  34 (86) 33 (84)
K2986-XXXL 56-58 (142-147) 35 (89) 34 (86)



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Welding Is About More Than The Right Tool

One thing that everyone in the heavy industry agrees on is that the name itself says it all; if you’re working in the heavy industry, on the front line, you don’t have an easy job. This is the type of work that is critical to the American public enjoying the 21st-century lifestyle they take for granted, but it’s far from quick or simple to make that lifestyle possible.

It’s also far from safe, especially for people that have to do the welding that is important for almost every level of the industry, from repairing auto parts in a shop, to ensuring that a component for a skyscraper will do its job in the years to come. This type of work exposes skilled tradespeople to extreme light and heat, and without the proper safeguards, the expertise of that worker is put at risk. That’s why Lincoln has created safety gear like the split leather welding jacket.

Lincoln Leather Welding Jacket Makes Work Safe

Lincoln Electric has always been about doing work better and with more safety, but it wasn’t always involved in the welding industry. At the start, John C. Lincoln first formed the company and called it Lincoln Electric because the initial focus in 1885 was on electric motors, a very advanced form of technology at that time.

Over 100 years later, electricity is still a vital part of the company, but it is used primarily to power the tools the company creates, such as with their welders. But in addition to making better, safer tools, Lincoln creates the protective gear to go with that tool usage. Helmets are, of course, a necessity in welding, but good coverage for the rest of the body is important too, and Lincoln has workers covered with products like their split leather welding jacket.

For More Intense Welding Projects

The Lincoln K2986 welding jacket is a split leather model that brings the thickness and toughness of leather, and pairs it with flame resistant material for a combination of heavier and lighter materials at different parts of the body. We have it available in different sizes, from medium up to 3XL, so we’ve probably got the right fit for you.

This welding jacket has split-cowhide sleeves for more protection at the arms, complemented by a flame retardant cotton body. The combination makes it ideal for MIG and stick welders. The design includes a distinct spatter guard lining behind the snaps for added safety, and there are two large Velcro pockets on the outside for a bit of extra, secure storage. It also has a flip up Velcro collar that adds more protection to the neck and comes in a stylish red and black signature Lincoln design.

Smart Prices, Fast Shipping

If this welding jacket or any of our other protective apparel can help you work safer, we can send your order to any address in the continental United States. Your wait will be short, and the condition will be perfect and ready to go thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, professional shipping partners. If you’d like to enjoy a little bit more value, we have a special offer for any orders that are over $100. There’s no shipping and handling charge; we’ll pay that expense ourselves!


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