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  • Lincoln K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket
  • Lincoln K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket
  • Lincoln K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

Lincoln K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

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Lincoln K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket 


  •  Heavy duty split cowhide leather chest and sleeves provide superior protection for stick welding 
  • 9 oz. Flame Retardant Cotton back keeps you cooler than full leather
  • Flip-up Velcro Collar offers extra protection 
  • Large inside left pocket for protected storage 
  • Jacket Length varies by size from 30 to 34 inches


 Part No./ Size Chest Measurement in.
Jacket Sleeve in.
Jacket Torso in.
K2989-M 40-42 (102-107) 31 (79) 30 (76)
K2989-L 44-46 (112-117) 32 (81) 32 (79)
K2989-XL 48-50 (122-127) 33 (84) 34 (86)
K2989-XXL 52-54 (132-137) 34 (89) 33 (84)
K2989-XXXL 56-58 (132-147) 35 (89) 34 (86)



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A Good Job Means Wearing Durable Gear

When you consider the job of welding, most of the focus is going to go to the equipment required. Welding aluminum isn’t the same as welding steel. Getting the job done for repairing an auto-part in a shop isn’t quite the same as laying out some vital pipes for an offshore marine facility that needs to stand up to seawater and storms.

But there’s one critical part of doing a good welding job that isn’t focused on the tool being used, and that’s the clothes being worn. Welding isn’t like hammering a nail or cutting some wood. The tool itself creates an intense, blinding light, with heat and spatter to match. Any of these factors could lead to serious injury or even death without the right protection. Even being able to repel these powerful forces for just a few moments can save a life or a limb, and that’s why Lincoln has created products like their heavy duty leather welding jacket.

Lincoln Has Always Been About The Work

Lincoln Electric is one of the few American companies whose history goes back over a century. It was in 1885 that the founder, John C. Lincoln, first founded the company, but back then it was based on an exciting new breakthrough in technology: electric motors. That high-tech push was what helped Lincoln explode onto the market.

But what got Lincoln Electric to stay on the market in the ensuing decades was a push towards the workers of the heavy industry instead. By looking at the challenges skilled tradespeople faced every day on the job, Lincoln got a better feel for what was needed to get the work done. That resulted in innovations in tools, but it also helped to forge better, safer protective equipment, like the Lincoln heavy duty welding jacket.

For Serious Stick Welding Work

The Lincoln K2989 heavy duty leather welding jacket is made for the tougher jobs. It’s a combination jacket, using thicker, more protective material where it’s required, but also employing lighter materials for mobility and comfort. We have a selection of sizes available, starting at medium and going up to 3XL to ensure that people get a good fit for their needs.

While this is a heavy-duty jacket that primarily uses leather at the front, it still uses flame resistant cotton for the back. This helps to reduce the weight, but more importantly, it allows the garment to “breathe” and help keep tradespeople cooler, rather than simply retaining all the heat. This is the perfect jacket for stick welders, with an inside pocket for a bit of extra storage and protection, as well as a flip-up adjustable Velcro collar for both comfort and coverage. The split-cowhide leather of this jacket is ready to stand up to whatever job you have in mind.

Timely Shipping, Great Prices

If your line of work needs a heavy duty welder jacket, we can have this one sent to any door within the continental United States. It will arrive in perfect condition, and you won’t wait long to receive it thanks to the alliances we have with established, professional shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay any additional shipping and handling charges. That’s on us, as a show of thanks for your choice to support a proud American business.


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