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  • Lincoln K3105 Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak
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Lincoln K3105 Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak

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Lincoln K3105 Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak


The Lincoln K3105 Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak comes with all of the PPE a professional needs to get the job going. 

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    A Good Job Requires Good Gear

    Anyone that starts working in the heavy industry has a lot to learn. There are many new skills to pick up, but, unlike an academic career, there isn’t a lot of theory at work here. What people learn they immediately put into practice, and it’s clear to everyone when someone does a good job or a poor one. More importantly, however, a good job means no one gets hurt, whereas a poor one can result in injuries.

    One of the things the people need to do as they learn the various trades in heavy industry is know that it’s not just a matter of learning proper working techniques. Safety is also an important matter. Taking the time to wear the right protective gear means that a tradesperson can do more work faster and efficiently because of the quality protection. And if you’re learning to improve your technique, then you may be ready to step up with your gear as well, which is why Lincoln created the traditional welding gear Ready-Pak.

    Lincoln’s Welding Gear Protects Workers

    In 1885, Lincoln Electric first started when the founder, John C. Lincoln, created a company dedicated to providing the heavy industry with electrical motors. This was a breakthrough technology for the time, and it got the company many accolades, but it also allowed Lincoln to expand. Given a chance, they started focusing their attention on other areas.

    Today, those other areas are where Lincoln is most respected in the industry. They have created new tools that allow people to work with more power, speed, and efficiency. But to match those new tools, they have also created new gear that can keep up with the demands on efficiency, comfort, and safety that allow people to work up to 21st century standards. For people that are looking to improve their gear, the Lincoln Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak fits the bill.

    Take Your Welds to the Next Level

    While Lincoln has Ready-Paks for people that are just starting out or on a budget, the Lincoln K3105 Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak is for the next level. If you’ve already got the fundamentals and are ready to move on to some more advanced equipment and protective gear, this is it.

    The Ready-Pak comes with an FR doo rag, two pairs of gloves, one a pair of full leather steelworker gloves, and the other traditional safety gloves for MIG or stick welding. We include a pair of Lincoln Starlite clear safety glasses for general work purposes and a black Viking auto-darkening welding helmet for welding. There’s also a traditional FR cloth welding jacket included to protect your upper body. All of this comes packed in a large duffle bag to carry everything, with a carabiner on the side of the bag to hold the helmet, clearing up more room within to carry other items.

    Easy Shipping, Good Prices

    If you’re ready to trade up to the complete Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak, we can ship your order to any door in the continental USA. Your waiting time will be short, and the items will arrive safe and sound, thanks to the alliances we have with responsive, trusted shipping partners. You don’t have to worry about additional shipping and handling charges. We’ll pay for that ourselves as a show gratitude for your support of a proud American business.


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