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  • Lincoln K3106 Traditional Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket

Lincoln K3106 Traditional Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket

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Lincoln K3106 Traditional Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket 


  • Split cowhide sleeves resist spatter and add durability, while 9 oz. 100% flame retardant material on the chest and back keep you cool.
  • This basic jacket features an inside pocket and adjustable dual snap sleeves.


 Part No./ Size Chest Measurement in.
Jacket Sleeve in.
Jacket Torso in.
K3106-M 40-42 (102-107) 31 (79) 30 (76)
K3106-L 44-46 (112-117) 32 (81)
30 (76)
K3106-XL 48-50 (122-127) 33 (84)
30 (76)
K3106-2XL 52-54 (132-137) 34 (86)
30 (76)
K3106-3XL 56-58 (142-147) 35 (89)
30 (76)



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Everyone Deserves Protection

Welding is a technique that is essential at every level of industry, heavy or otherwise. It’s something used on the pipelines that allow liquids and gases to move safely across vast distances, but it’s also used by honest farmers to make sure the work gets done every day. It can put together the parts required to repair a car or help in the construction of a massive tower that thousands of people will work in during the week.

Because of just how useful welding is at so many levels, it means that the equipment has been designed to work for different needs at different budgets. On the high end, equipment like plasma torches push the envelope of cost and performance, while cost-effective acetylene is still used on a daily basis all across the country. That means that every level of protection is required too, which is where the traditional welding jacket comes in.

Lincoln Is For All Workers

In the beginning, when Lincoln Electric first started in 1885, founder John C. Lincoln was looking at “big ticket items” for the industry, such as electric motors. It was a necessary and useful innovation, and it propelled the company to early success. But eventually Lincoln Electric switched gears.

They moved away from just the heavy equipment and started concentrating on all levels, for all workers. Good tools weren’t just essential for the projects with the biggest budgets, sometimes the smaller jobs, all over America, were what made the most significant differences. As a result, Lincoln created tools and accessories for the most ambitious jobs and the humble projects; and the traditional welding jacket is the result of those efforts.

Basic Protection Gear

The Lincoln K3106 traditional split leather sleeved welding jacket is the perfect protective garment to wear for people that are starting out on simpler jobs and need some protection. The size range available starts at medium and goes up to 3XL, so welders are sure to find the right fit for their frame and working needs.

This jacket is lighter and best suited to less intense jobs. It’s a combination model, using the heavier material of split-cowhide leather on the sleeves where the limbs come into close contact with a welder. This helps to protect against the spatter that occurs while welding. The chest and back, however, use a lighter material, flame resistant 9 oz. cotton, which lends more comfort, mobility and helps keep users cooler. There’s also an inside pocket included for a bit of extra, protected storage, and adjustable dual snap sleeves to ensure a good, tight fit that still provides ample protection while working.

Swift Shipping, Bargain Prices

When you need solid protection that won’t break your bank, we can send this welding jacket to any door in the continental USA. There won’t be a long wait to get it, and when it arrives, it will be in perfect condition thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, respected shipping partners. As an additional bonus, for people looking for more value, any order you place with us that totals over $100 has no shipping and handling charge. We’ll send it to you with no extra cost!


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