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  • Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves Pair
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Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves (1 Pair)

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Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves (1 Pair)


Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves are dual purpose gloves that offer complete protection of the hands.


If you handle both welding AND rigging on your marine or construction job site, now you can work with ONE pair of gloves instead of two. Our Roll Cage Gloves are constructed of durable cowhide, sewn with Kevlar thread and enhanced with extreme knuckle protection to withstand tough environments.


Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves Features


  • Silicone Knuckle Protection: protects your fingers from impact and injury.
  • Palm Padding: overlaying lining layer reinforces high wear areas of the palm.
  • Inside Lining Protection: provides protection against cuts.
  • Kevlar® Stitching: provides maximum strength.
  • Heat-Resistant Wrist Guard and Fastener: Secures the glove while allowing for quick removal.


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The right protection is fundamental to efficient welding practices. Proper protection naturally extends to the hands, one of your most essential welding tools! If your welding career includes the occasional rigging project, double-duty gloves prevent paying for two sets. The Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves are the dual-purpose welding gloves you want to keep your hands safe on the job. The gloves are specially-designed for both welding and rigging on marine and construction job sites. At Welding Outfitters, we are happy to offer these gloves to our hardworking customers for a great price.

Lincoln Welding Gloves: Among the Industry’s Best

Lincoln remains a top international brand within the welding industry. Known for a dedication to quality, this company has regularly produced some of the best welding gloves and equipment. The Lincoln K3109 Roll Cage Welding Rigging Gloves provide total protection and are made of the strongest cowhide sewn together with flame-resistant Kevlar thread, and designed with outstanding silicone knuckle protection for the toughest of environments. Your fingers are safe from impact and injuries with these gloves.

This Lincoln welding glove set features palm padding in addition to the silicone knuckle protection. The padding is over the lining layer to reinforce the highest wear areas on the palm. Interior lining protection provides a barrier to protect your hands from cuts and other injuries. Additional features include heat-resistant fasteners and wrist guards that keep the gloves on your hands but makes them easy to take off. You won’t strain for several minutes trying to remove these gloves from your tired hands. The gloves are also longer to provide excellent wrist and forearm protection against heat and sparks.

Heavy-Duty, Affordable Products: The Welding Outfitter Way

At Welding Outfitter, it is our business and our pleasure to provide our customers with the highest-quality welding gear, apparel, tools, and equipment without the sky-high price tags. Welding product orders add up quickly, especially if you are ordering for your entire crew, which is why we slash our prices whenever we can and are always ready with a rebate or a special. Part of our low-cost commitment extends to our shipping practices, as any order of $100 or over is shipped for free.

We also promise to get your products to you minus the long wait times. Our partnership with some of the country’s most respected shipping manufacturers ensures your order gets to you quickly so you can move forward with your work instead of waiting forever or using worn out products. There is no room for low-quality in the welding world, whether you are working with the hottest flames or the sharpest tools. We make it easy to keep you and your team safe, so you can focus on what you do best: providing great welding services.

Check out these exceptional Lincoln welding gloves and experience the brand name difference. We are always here to answer your questions!



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