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  • Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves

Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves (1 Pair)

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Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves


These Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves are the perfect accessory to protect your arms without throwing on a bulky jacket or coat. Stay safe and cool in these comfortable Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves.


Lincoln K3111 Split-Leather FR Welding Sleeves Features:


  • Sleeve Length: 21 Inches (53 cm)
  • Durable, flame-retardant material adds spatter and heat resistance
  • Split-leather panels in high wear areas
  • Elastic cuffs at each end keep spatter out and hold the sleeves in position

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Be Well Armed with Lincoln’s Split-Leather Welding Sleeves

For most welding jobs, we usually concentrate on the hands, because they have to hold the torch and are in closest point of contact with heat and spatter. After that, the eyes are usually next, since the light that is generated by many welding techniques is too bright for the human eye to tolerate, so permanent eye-damage—such as blindness—is a possible side effect.

However, one other area that needs to be considered for protection is the arm. After all, the hands are attached to the arms, and that means that the proximity of that burning heat and the possible spatter is also a hazard. In most cases, a welding jacket or coat is the usual solution to this problem, but in some cases, the Lincoln FR welding sleeves is what gets the job done.

Lincoln Puts Safety First

Lincoln Electric is part of a long tradition of American heavy industry companies. It was in 1885 that the founder, John C. Lincoln embraced the future, but deciding to create a company that would focus on electrical engine technology. He understood that electrical power would be critical to America’s advancement.

He was right, and in the 21st century, no one can imagine a world without electrical power. And in the heavy industry, Lincoln shifted focus from the technology the industry used to the tools and the protective gear of the people that worked within the industry. Now skilled workers all over the world rely on Lincoln protection, like their split leather FR welding sleeves.

Added Protection During the Toughest Jobs

The Lincoln K3111 Split Leather FR Welding Sleeves are a special piece of protective gear that can be used on their own, or as additional protection. There may be instances in welding where the position a welder needs to maintain, or the working environment may not be conducive to wearing a protective jacket or coat. With just sleeves, workers now have a solution to this situation.

These sleeves provide both spatter and heat resistance. They are made of black 9oz 100% flame resistant material, that is complemented by split leather panels strategically located in anticipated high wear areas most likely to be at risk. The sleeves are approximately 21” in length, and are designed with elastic cuffs at both ends. This ensures that spatter stays out, and the sleeves themselves maintain a tight, comfortable fit around the arms as work is getting done.

Agreeable Prices, Convenient Shipping

If these Lincoln split leather welding sleeves can give you the protection you need when you work, we can send a pair to any address located in the continental USA. Your waiting time won’t be long at all, and condition of the goods will be perfect, thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, respected shipping partners. For a bit of extra added value, try shopping a bit more from us. For any order that we receive totaling $100 or more, we don’t charge shipping and handling! We’ll send it to you free of those charges!


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