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  • Lincoln K3112 Black Welding Lab Coat (Medium to XL)
  • Lincoln K3112 Black Welding Lab Coat (Medium to XL)

Lincoln K3112 Black Welding Lab Coat (Medium to XL)

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Lincoln K3112 Black Welding Lab Coat


  • Ideal for instructors, supervisors and occasional welders.
  • The knee length black 9 oz. 100% flame retardant material coat offers protection for light duty welding.
  • Two hip pockets stow chalk, grease pens or other items.

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Education Also Means Preparation

One of the most important things that people do to preserve our way of life is to pass things on. This is why education is so important; if farmers didn’t share how they grow crops, and automobile manufacturers didn’t pass on their manufacturing process, our lives would become harder as we lost valuable knowledge.

This is also true when it comes to welding, an essential technique for the industrial era. This is a particularly elaborate and complex skill to learn. However, it’s critical this technique gets passed on, and it’s not just how to weld that matters, but preparing for welding with proper protection, like the Lincoln knee length welding jacket.

Lincoln Is About Learning

It was in the year 1885 that the founder of the company, John C. Lincoln first began the journey towards innovation. There was a new technology at that time that had exciting implications for all of society, the electric motor. Lincoln wanted to see where it would go and what it would do for the heavy industry.

His enthusiasm about the new technology was right on the money, catapulting Lincoln to success in America, but he didn’t stop there. Over 100 years later, Lincoln is still at the forefront of learning new things and passing them onto a new generation of American workers, but now the focus is on tools and protection, with products like the Lincoln Electric flame resistant welding coat.

Proper Protection & Instruction

The Lincoln K3112 Black Welding Lab Coat is designed for both students and instructors. In a teaching setting, there isn’t going to be a need for the more expensive, highly specialized equipment that dedicated welding requires. However, the need for safety itself is still paramount, especially when introducing a new generation of welders to welding techniques. For good, general protection that takes different educational activities into account, a longer lab coat design is ideal.

This black men’s welding coat is perfect for the light welding needs of people just learning, or instructors demonstrating the techniques. The longer length provides maximum coverage, going all the way down to the knees. It’s made of 9 oz. flame-retardant material that is perfect for light welding activity. It also includes pockets in order to stow pens or other items that might be needed during instruction. Once securely buttoned up, this coat provides generous protection to the body without requiring other elaborate gear. Perfect for the demands of an instructional setting.

Quality Prices, Quality Shipping

For anyone that needs to add a black welding lab coat to his or her educational equipment, we can send this item to any address located in the continental United States. It will arrive without any damage, and the waiting time will be short thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, experienced shipping partners. If you want to make your money work a little harder for you, order more than one coat, or add on other items. Any order placed with us that totals $100 or more will have no shipping and handling charges added.


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