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  • Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women's Shadow FR Welding Jacket (XS TO XL)
  • Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women's Shadow FR Welding Jacket (XS TO XL)
  • Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women's Shadow FR Welding Jacket (XS TO XL)

Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women's Shadow FR Welding Jacket (XS TO XL)

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Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women's Shadow FR Welding Jacket

  • Designed specifically to fit women welders.
  • A flip up collar, adjustable snap sleeves and snap cinch waist keep spatter out and the fit just right.
  • Two horizontal flap pockets secure personal items.
  • This jacket combines durable split cowhide sleeves with cooling front and back flame retardant cloth panels to offer the right protection for MIG or Stick welding.

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Women Need Protection That Works With Them

The world has made a lot of progress in the 21st century. Due to the necessity of sending the men off to fight during WWII, it was the women that went into the workforce, rolled up their sleeves, and worked the metal, built the tank, or manufactured the plane was essential to winning the war.

Since then, there’s been no reason to keep women out of any line of work in the world, especially manufacturing. Women work as hard as men, and they produce the same quality results when they’re given the right tools to do the job. But sometimes they need a better fit, and that’s why Lincoln made the Lincoln Electric Jessi Combs Women's Welding Jacket.

Lincoln Innovates Protection

Back in 1885, John C. Lincoln founded a company based on a very different premise from Lincoln Electric of today. He had seen the potential in the electric motor, and he knew its use would have widespread ramifications for the entire industry that could improve the entire sector of the heavy industry itself.

He was right, and that success eventually allowed the company to puts its focus in another area; not on the generalities of the heavy industry but on the people that did the work. Today, Lincoln Electric is about the tools skilled tradesmen use, but it is also about the gear they wear. In order to work safely, workers need the right protective gear, and the Jessi Combs flame-resistant women’s welding jacket exemplifies this.

A Good Fit For Good Work

The Lincoln K3114 Jessi Combs Women’s Shadow FR Welding Jackets are aimed at doing one thing; providing Lincoln quality with a good fit for female workers. Too often safety gear neglects the fact that while women are capable, they also have a different physical configuration, and gear that serves their needs should reflect that.

Lincoln women's welding jackets come in a special range of XS all the way to XL that are specifically sized for female workers. In addition to the size, they come with flip-up collars, adjustable snap sleeves, and a snap cinch waist to make sure the fit is perfect in all the right places, while still keeping the spatter off. Two horizontal flap pockets are built in to secure additional items. Durable split cowhide sleeves protect the arms, while flame-retardant cloth panels ensure that MIG or Stick welding can be done safely and in comfort.

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