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  • Lincoln K3117 Bifocal Welding Safety Glasses
  • Lincoln K3117 Bifocal Welding Safety Glasses

Lincoln K3117 Bifocal Welding Safety Glasses

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Lincoln K3117 Bifocal Welding Safety Glasses 


Top Features

  • When you need a little help reading or viewing close work, reach for a pair of Bifocal Safety Glasses, available in a choice of popular diopter levels.
  • This model features full eye coverage and added slip-resistant temple tips.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1


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Your eyes are among your most important tools as a welder since clear, precise vision is essential to detail-oriented welds and similar tasks. The eyes also require the highest-quality protection against extreme heat, flying metal shards, and other injury sources that pervade the welding industry. Welding safety glasses are therefore very necessary, and at Welding Outfitter, we are pleased to offer the best glasses from top brands to keep our customers’ peepers safe. The Lincoln K3117 Bifocal Welding Safety Glasses are among our best picks for eye safety. These superior eye protection options are available to you for a great price as part of our commitment to keeping your costs low.

The Lincoln Welding Safety Glasses Difference

Lincoln Electric is an internationally-known name in the welding industry thanks to an uncompromising dedication to the highest-quality products, including welding safety glasses among other equipment. The global manufacturer was founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln as an electric motor company, and quickly expanded in the early 1900s to include welding products. The Lincoln Electric Welding School launched in 1916 and has trained over 100,000 workers since. This exceptional company features 44 manufacturing locations in 19 countries in addition to a global network of distributors.

The Lincoln K3117 Bifocal glasses keep your eyes protected no matter how many hours you spend on the job. In addition to complete eye coverage, you will enjoy slip-resistant temple tips for extra comfort and security. The Lincoln welding safety glasses are available in bifocal form if you need assistance viewing or reading something close-up. We offer the bifocal glasses in several diopter levels for your convenience.

Our Promise To Our Customers

At Welding Outfitter, we understand the importance of trusting your welding equipment, tools, gear, and apparel. The welding industry is an extreme one, and injuries are common without the right training, applications, and products/equipment. That is why we are committed to finding the best products and selling them for the best prices--so our customers feel secure at the start of each new work day. You don’t have time to waste as a welder, especially if that time is spent being concerned about your protective gear.

Our dedication to affordability extends to our shipping practices, as we offer free shipping and handling on all orders of $100 or more. We work with some of the best shipping companies in the United States so you never have to wait long for your order. If you live in the lower 48 states, expect a prompt, intact order arrival so you can start the next work day feeling extra confident and safe.

Trust us to outfit you and your crew with dependable gear and apparel! We are here to help you stay safe on the job and are always ready to answer your questions. Rebates are available for many of our products, as well as extended warranties and the low prices you want. What can we do for you today?



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