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Lincoln K3930-1 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) with Black Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

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Lincoln Electric K3930-1 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) with Black Viking 3350 Welding Helmet




Where welding operations are concerned, safety is directly connected to air quality. When welding must be performed in enclosed or other areas where it is difficult to provide effective ventilation or otherwise control exposure to welding fume, the last line of defense is personal protective equipment for the individual operator. The VIKING PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) provides the effective air purification.


The PAPR is a complete system that purifies ambient air from the shop and delivers filtered, breathable air for as much as 8 hours without interruption. The two-speed blower drives air through the hose to a VIKING 3350 helmet rated for 1/1/1/1 optical clarity. A patent pending adjustable baffling system inside the helmet directs air away from eyes and keeps them from getting dry. The PAPR system has an Assigned Protection Factor of 25.


Proper ventilation may not always be an option in every welding environment. Bring fume protection and filtered air directly to the operator in difficult environments and keep it there all day with the PAPR.  


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    Safety Matters With the Lincoln K3930-1 Respirator and Helmet

    Welding, no matter how many advances we make in the tools and technology, is always going to be a hazardous process for the people involved. Humans aren’t indestructible, and the combination of blinding light and intense heat of welding means that we always have to take precautions to ensure that we have proper protection when we use welders in our work.
    However, these aren’t the only hazards that welding presents to professionals. Depending on the materials used, and the environment you’re in, vapor and fumes are formed by the exposure of metals to the heat of the welder. Once in the air in vaporized forms, these tiny particles of metal may still contain toxic properties, only now they’re small enough to be breathed in and make their way into your body. But Lincoln has you covered with a great solution.

    Lincoln Is All About Working Safely

    For more than 100 years, Lincoln Electric has been a company that spends time working with the thinkers and the planners in the heavy industry. But they spend even more time with the doers and the workers who are right there, at the construction sites, doing the actual work. Because of this, they have years of experience looking at what tradesmen need to do to finish their jobs and what kind of working conditions they find themselves in.
    Lincoln understands that the best work comes from experienced people that can do their job with little interference. This means creating tools that allow people to work efficiently, but it also means creating an environment in which the risks and hazards of the work are minimized. This is especially true with welding that can create dangerous fumes with long-term negative effects that can permanently impact a worker’s health if the right steps aren’t taken. A Lincoln powered air respirator is the perfect response to this problem.

    Working & Breathing Safely

    The Lincoln K3930-1 PAPR powered air purifying respirator comes with a black Viking 3350 welding helmet. It’s a unit that is designed to ensure that a worker has constant access to safe, breathable air when working in enclosed conditions. Sometimes it may not be possible to have adequate air circulation or powered ventilation in the place where welding needs to occur. This portable solution makes sure that even under these conditions, a skilled tradesman is safe.
    The combination of PAPR and Viking 3350 means a worker has the best optical protection but is also protected by an active filter system for breathing. The system’s battery provides eight hours of continuous protection, and in total weighs just over six pounds, with most of that weight distributed in the belt, away from the head and shoulders where it could cause discomfort. A baffling system even directs the pumped, filtered air away from the eyes, to ensure they don’t dry out while working.

    Quick Shipping, Great Prices

    If you want a complete welding protection system, we can send the Lincoln K3930-1 PAPR respirator and helmet to any address in the continental United States. You’ll get your shipment quickly and in perfect condition thanks to our alliances with trusted shipping partners. You won’t have to pay shipping and handling charges either. We’ll pick up that fee as our show of thanks for your decision to support a proud American business.

    Safe Welding Also Means Safe Air

    With welding, there are a lot of different things going on. The power generated by a welder creates an intense amount of heat and light, and this alone is capable of creating a chemical reaction when applied to metal. On top of that, some welding techniques introduce another gas into the mix, furthering the chance of a chemical reaction.

    This can create vapors and fumes which may pose a risk to the tradespeople at work, depending on the circumstance. In a large, well-ventilated workshop, or working in the open air, this isn’t such a hazard. But when working in the sometimes necessarily enclosed area of a pipe, or other small space, those fumes have a higher chance of harming. That’s where Lincoln’s powered air purifying respirator comes in.

    Lincoln Is About Breathing Safety

    Lincoln Electric’s legacy goes all the way back to the 19th century, having been started in 1885, by John C. Lincoln. Back then, the goal of the company was to be more in tune with the big picture with the kind of technology the entire industry benefited from, such as electrical motors. That success paved the way for Lincoln to look at other goals.

    One of those goals was to focus not on the final results, but the people who delivered those results, the skilled tradesmen. Lincoln shifted gears and began creating tools and protective gear designed to help people work not just better, but with more comfort and more safety. Today tradespeople all over the world work more efficiently and with greater protection than ever thanks to Lincoln and products like their combination PAPR and welding helmet.

    Top Tier PAPR Welding Helmet to Keep You Protected

    The Lincoln K3930 Powered Air Purifying Respirator combines with a black Viking 3350 welding helmet for the ultimate coverage. The welding helmet should be a familiar sight, although this is a premium product. It uses 4C lens technology, with 1/1/1/1 optical clarity. It’s also easily adjustable and comfortable to wear thanks to the pivot style headgear that is part of its design. A generous field of view means that workers can see more of their work area.

    The PAPR that makes up the other half of the unit takes no chances. The battery that powers the unit is good for eight hours. It comes with multiple alarms that you can either hear or feel as a vibration. The unit can maintain positive pressure at two speeds and even comes with an adjustable baffling system for the helmet area to keep blown air away from the eyes, to avoid drying them out. The whole unit is lightweight and comfortable meaning it won’t draw attention to itself while working by either getting in the way or tiring the tradespeople out. The entire unit comes in a handy duffle bag to make sure all your kit is always properly stowed.

    Good Shipping, Good Prices

    If you’d like to start enjoying the protection of this PAPR and helmet combination, we can send this special combo pack to any address in the continental United States. It will arrive in quick time, and in prime condition thanks to the alliances we have with professional, seasoned shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay for shipping and handling. That’s on us, as a token of appreciation for your support of a proud American business.


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