Lincoln K4330-1 Remote Output Control - 125 ft

$ 976.00

Lincoln K4330-1 Remote Output Control - 125 ft




When your welding applications takes you away from your welder, these heavy duty remote controls will give you the control you need to get the job done - and stand up to the conditions of your environment. 


These remotes connect through 6-pin. The low end and high end amperage range can be tailored, using large knob for MIN and MAX and small remote for set points. See specific instructions included with your remote. 


Top Features:

  • Generous 125 ft (38.1) cable.
  • Detachable Control Box can be stowed in your truck or job box to deter job site theft. 
  • Customizable MIN/MAX Range is easy to set up in seconds. Precisely set the range you need for the job at hand.