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  • Lincoln K4416 Standard Welding Gear Ready-Pak (M-3XL)

Lincoln K4416 Standard Welding Gear Ready-Pak (M-3XL)

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Lincoln K4416 Standard Welding Gear Ready-Pak 



Our Educational Welding Gear Ready-Pak is loaded with top-grade personal protection equipment, including the Traditional Khaki FR jacket, traditional MIG/Stick full leather Steelworker® welding gloves, Lincoln® industrial duffle bag, Industrial Passive™ Helmet, spring handle chipping hammer, Radius™ Welding Pliers, Radius™ 3 x 19 Carbon Steel Wire Brush, Lincoln Starlite® clear safety glasses and FR Doo Rag.


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    It Takes A Lot To Do The Job Right

    Any professional in any field or industry will say the same thing; doing a good job doesn’t mean just jumping in and going to work. Surgeons don’t just start cutting into patients, construction workers don’t just start slapping boards and bricks together, and for the skilled tradespeople of welding, no one just turns on a torch and starts waving it at the metal to get the job started.

    Doing a job right means making the proper preparations. That means understanding the nature and scope of the job, and gathering the tools, estimating the appropriate amount of time, and taking the right precautions to ensure both safe and efficient work. All of this means going to into a job with a plan of action and the right equipment to make sure things go smoothly. When it comes welding, especially for people who are starting out, Lincoln has great solutions, like their Standard Welding Gear Ready-Pak.

    Lincoln Is About People

    The Lincoln Electric of 1885, when the company first started, was very different from the company of the 21st century. Back then, the founder, John C. Lincoln was interested in the cutting edge technology that could make a difference to the bigger picture. The company got its start manufacturing electric motors that were taking the industrial era by storm.

    Over the decades, Lincoln moved away from the products required to run other hardware and started focusing more on the people that used the equipment and the tools. A job still needed to be done by skilled workers, and by giving those people that right tools and the right protection, it made a big difference. This is particularly the case for people just starting out, and need a complete package, and that’s where Lincoln’s Welding Gear Ready-Pak comes in.

    Everything To Get You Started MIG Welding

    The Lincoln K4416 Standard Welding Gear Ready-Pak takes all the basic protective gear that a welder will need and takes the guesswork and time of the equation. It combines everything into a convenient starting collection that packs both quality and value.

    The Ready-Pak comes complete with tools like a flame resistant doo rag, chipping hammer, welding pliers, and a 3 x 19 carbon steel wire brush. However, the main attraction of this Ready-Pack is the protective gear, which includes MIG/Stick welding gloves, a khaki flame-resistant welding jacket, clear safety glasses, and an essential, passive welding helmet. All of this comes packed in a Lincoln duffle bag, so that’s it’s all in one place and ready to go. For anyone that is about to start welding who needs high-quality equipment but at a good price, this is the perfect educational package to get into welding efficiently and safely.

    Convenient Shipping, Convenient Prices

    If you or someone you know could benefit from having all essential gear gathered up in a Ready-Pak, we can send the order to any address in the continental United States. The shipment will be sent fast, and the condition will be pristine thanks to the alliances we have with professional, experienced shipping partners. You won’t have to pay shipping and handling either; that’s on us as a show of gratitude for your support of a hardworking American business.


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