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  • Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Lens Cartridge Kit
  • Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Lens Cartridge Kit
  • Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Lens Cartridge Kit

Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Lens Cartridge Kit

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Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Cartridge Kit with 4C Lens Technology


(Replaces Lincoln KP3045-2 and Lincoln KP3045-1)



This Welding Lens comes with Lincolns 4C lens technology.  The technology has a better view and less eye fatigue on the welder.  This is the replacement lens for any Lincoln Viking™ 3350 welding helmet.

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Quality Welding Requires Strong, Healthy Eyes

Avoiding the eye strain commonly associated with welding requires the right gear so you can work as long as you need to without pain or fatigue. That’s why we’ve stocked our shelves with Lincoln KP3045-3 3350 Viking™ ADF Lens Cartridge Kits--we are dedicated to helping reduce eye strain as much as possible. These welding lens cartridge kits feature the Lincoln brand’s 4C lens technology to ensure the best possible view, as well as considerably less eye fatigue and strain. They serve as replacement lenses for any Lincoln Viking welding helmet for your convenience.

Lincoln Has What You Need

The Lincoln Electric brand has remained an industry name for decades thanks to a dedication to high quality, and above all, safety. Welding is a dangerous job without the right gear and tools, which is why every piece manufactured by Lincoln is built to last. Whether you need a Lincoln lens cartridge kit, new welding gloves, helmet, or any other accessories that keep you safe on the job, you can trust this brand to provide exactly what you require.

Keeping Your Eyes Protected and Safe

Eye strain is a common problem within the welding industry. Fusing metal requires intense focus, often for long stretches of time, resulting in serious stress on the eyes. A welding helmet provides the protection against fire, metal shards, and anything else that can injure the eyes during a task. However, a high-quality lens must also be in place to provide the optimal view and keep eye strain to a minimum. If you have found your current helmet/lens combination simply is not cutting it anymore, discover the benefits that Lincoln Viking welding helmets and lens provide. You may find you can work longer without feeling the strain or fatigue in addition to enjoying less headaches and discomfort associated with this type of pain.

The Fast Shipping You Want

Whether you need these welding lens cartridge kits or anything else from our extensive online store, you can expect the fast, efficient shipping you need. We ship all of our products to any location within the continental United States, and guarantee your package will not arrive with anything broken or otherwise unusable. Additionally, if your order is over $100, shipping is on us! We want to make purchasing our products as easy and affordable as possible, which is why we work with our renowned shipping partners to get your tools and gear to you in an efficient, timely manner. Our team understands the fast-paced nature of the welding industry and how essential it is to have the correct protective gear so you and your team stay as safe as possible.

Consider us your partner in safety--we are here to provide the products that make your job as secure as possible. Use these replacement lenses as often as necessary to keep your eyes healthy and focused on the job. Finish work every day feeling good instead of wanting to shut your eyes immediately!


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