Lincoln KP4862-1 Welding Curtain Frame Caster Wheel

$ 6.52

Lincoln KP4862-1 Welding Curtain Frame Caster Wheel


Casters feature a round, threaded stem that can be attached to Welding Screen/Curtain Frame. The low-profile design reduces the friction between the work floor to allow casters to swivel easier. 

  • Mobility - By attaching the swivel casters to the Welding Screen/Curtain Frame moving from one point to another just became much easier
  • Effortless Assembly - Threaded stem on caster fits into pre-drilled holes on Lincoln Electric Welding Screen/Curtain Frame. Assembly does not require use of tools. 



  • Each caster has 2.5" Diameter
  • Contains a pair of casters; one with a brake and on without a brake
  • Both casters have the ability to swivel
  • Mount height is 3.5"
  • Two caster sets will be needed to install all four casters on the Expandable Welding Screen/Curtain Frame