Mastercut SETM120P 1/4" Plastic Box Bur Set (12 Piece Set)

$ 212.12


Mastercut SETM120P 1/4" Plastic Box Bur Set (12 Piece Set)





  • SA-1, SA-14, SC-14, SC-1, SC-14, SD-1, SE-1, SF-1, SG-1, SH-1, SJ-1, SM-1, SN-1


    • General purpose tool for cast iron, copper, brass and steels
    • Fairly aggressive cutting action, with good material removal rates
    • This tool leaves a nice finish on most all materials, but the bite can be demanding on operators 
    • For general purpose use including cast iron, copper, brass and steels
    • The Doublecut utilizes a cross flute of exactly half the number of standard flutes in a opposing helix
    • Sliver size is greatly reduced, as is the operator fatigue from the balanced cutting forces
    • Lower RPMs may be utilized with little negative impact on performance 
    • The decreased load equates to operator's often feeding this tool more aggressively 
    • Is a finer cut of opposing helixes 
    • Operating control is very good because the biting action is limited as is the silver size produced from it 
    • This version tends to be preferred in shops where titanium and other difficult materials (superalloys) are being deburred
    • With the teeth being smaller and slightly more fragile as a result, tool life is not usually a matter of import
    • Fiberglass tends to cut nicely with Diamondcut


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