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  • Metal Man MMP220i DV Multi-Process 200i Dual Voltage MIG Welder

Metal Man MMP220i DV Multi-Process 200i Dual Voltage MIG Welder

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Metal Man MMP220i DV Multi-Process 200i Dual Voltage MIG Welder



The Metal Man Inverter Powered Multi-Process 220iDV is a dual voltage, portable DC inverter wire feed welder capable of welding with solid wire (with shielding gas) or with flux core wire. It comes ready to accept part number EZFSG2 optional Spool Gun for welding aluminum. This machine also has smooth DC stick capabilities and the ability to perform life start DC TIG welding on steel and stainless steel materials with part number ACTT1, the optional TIG Torch. 


This Metal man Inverter Powered Multi-Process 220iDV is capable of MIG welding 5/16" steel in a single pass while using 220V input power (3/16" steel when using 120V input power). It uses leading edge Inverter Technology to provide high quality welds that are crisp, clean and consistent with plenty of power that will impress the most experienced of welders. The Inverter Technology is evident from the moment you take this unit out of the box. One of the many advantages of inverter technology is creating more welding power from a smaller transformer. 


Stick weld with electrodes up to 5/32" with this exceptionally smooth DC stick welding output. Stick weld on materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hard facing and aluminum. This unit is an exceptional multi-process machine. Typical applications for include home/hobbyist, construction, auto repair, farm and ranch and light industrial applications. 




  • Dual Voltage 120/240V
  • No Load Voltage 68V
  • Output Range 30 to 90 Amps, 140 Amps Peak (120V Power); 30 to 200 Amps, (240V Power)
  • 30% Duty Cycle @ 90A (120V Power); 20% @ 240A (220V Power)
  • Spot Timer Control
  • Spool Gun Capable
  • 10 Foot Torch
  • Tweco Style Consumables
  • 10 Foot Ground and Clamp
  • Includes an Inert Gas Regulator and Gas Hose
  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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