Metal Man MP140T Multi-process MIG Welder

$ 649.99

Metal Man MP140T Multi-process MIG Welder




The MP140T is a 120V DC inverter multi-process welder capable of MIG Welding, Flux Core Welding, DC Stick Welding and Scratch-Start DC TIG Welding with optional ACTT1. MIG weld steel up to 3/16” in a single pass. Add on optional EZFSG2 spoolgun for hard to feed wires such as aluminum. DC stick weld with rods up to 3/32”. Typical applications for include home/hobbyist, construction, auto repair, farm and ranch and light industrial applications.




  • Welds up to 3/16” in a single pass
  • Use 120V input power
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • Durable cast aluminum drive assembly
  • Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters
  • Dial Adjustable Voltage, Wire Feed Speed, Amperage Controls
  • Dial Adjustable Spot Timer Function
  • Easy twist-lock connections & polarity control on the front panel




  • Tweco Style MIG Gun
  • Ground Cable and Clamp
  • Electrode Holder and Cable
  • Regulator and Gas Hose
  • Drive Rolls to run .023" to .035" Wires
  • (3) 11-30 Contact Tips
  • Instruction Manual




  • Lightweight (24.25 lbs) Inverter Technology
  • 30% @ 90A Duty Cycle
  • Spot Timer
  • Spool Gun Ready
  • Lift Start TIG
  • 12.5 ft. Electrode Cable/Clamp
  • 10 ft. Removable MIG Gun 
  • 10 ft. Ground Cable/Clamp
  • Dual Gauge Regulator
  • 10 ft. Shielding Gas Hose
  • Additional Contact Tips (.030")
  • Flux Core Nozzle / MIG Nozzle
  • Tweco® Style Contact Tips and Nozzles
  • 10-25 Style Twist Lock Cable Connections
  • Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters
  • Optional Spool Gun and Optional TIG Torch







EXFSG2 Metal Man Easy Feed #2 Spool Gun