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  • Miller-Smith 16206 Heavy Duty Acetylene Combination Torch Outfit

Miller-Smith 16206 Heavy Duty Acetylene Combination Torch Outfit

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Miller-Smith 16206 Heavy Duty Acetylene Combination Torch Outfit 

This Miller-Smith 16206 Heavy Duty Acetylene Combination Torch Outfit comes with Miller's heavy duty SC series cutting attachment and torch handle which are nickel plated for extended service life. Cutting Torches are backed by Miller 5 year warranty. Cuts up to 8 in (203 mm) and can weld up to 1/2 in (13 mm) with the right Miller-Smith welding tips.

Miller-Smith 16206 Cutting Torch Outfit Comes With:

  • Torch Handle (WH200A)
  • Cutting Attachment (SC209)
  • 1 Cutting Tip (SC12-1)
  • Welding Tip (SW203)
  • Heating Tip 40,000 BTU (ST602)
  • Torch Mount Flashback Arrestors (H743)



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Miller Has the Torch Outfits You Need

With the dawn of the industrial age, one of the oldest and most important work processes for heavy duty projects has been welding with torches. This is such an important process that it’s one that has benefited from decades of constant tweaking, improvement, and innovation. Today’s welders have the choice of MIG, TIG and even ionized plasma for working with metals, but the more traditional type of cutting, the oxy-acetylene torch, hasn’t gone anywhere, and is still in prominent use even today. Despite its relative age, the use of oxy-acetylene torches still comes in extremely useful in many different situations. In these cases, the older, more portable oxy-acetylene cutting outfit is exactly the right tool for the job. In smaller shops and for hobby work, this is still a mainstay of good, reliable results, and Miller has a heavy duty version available for people that need it.

The Miller History of Quality

For nearly 90 years, Miller has been a part of the modern American industrial effort. Throughout those decades, they have worked closely with the tradesmen that needed to get the job done with whatever tools they had at hand. Miller has watched the way people worked, looked at the goals and milestones they needed to reach, and developed new tools and techniques to help people meet or exceed deadline or quality requirements. And while the company has always been quick to innovate with the new, that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten the old. For every new ionized plasma cutter that is used for a big offshore facility project, an enthusiast at home, or a small business owner in the shop needs a quality, but still cost effective solution in a smaller setting. An oxy-acetylene torch like the Miller-Smith 16206 is a heavy duty version of their other torches.

Powerful & Reliable Acetylene Torch Kit

The Miller-Smith 16206 heavy duty acetylene combination torch outfit is built for versatility. It comes with a variety of tips to do different jobs, and can even run on alternate, designated fuel gasses provided the right tips are also used. The torch is capable of cutting up to 5/8”, while the thick wall welding and heating tips are built to handle excess heat for years of reliable operation. The Miller-Smith 16206 uses Graf-Tite cutting tip seats that are designed with endurance in mind, requiring less frequent replacement than regular metal-to-metal tips, adding both durability and cost-effectiveness into the equation. Like other Miller-Smith outfits, the 16206 is built with a “slip-in” tip design, meaning a wrench is only needed to tighten the tip, after which you can use your hands for the rest. This torch is built for both a quality job, long life, and heavy duty work, and will provide hours of quality cutting and welding time, even under challenging work conditions.

Great Prices, Fast Shipping

To add the Miller-Smith 16206 torch outfit to your tools, just place an order with us, and we can have it delivered to any address within the continental USA. Wait times will be short, and the condition will be perfect thanks to the alliances that we have with reputable shipping partners. You don’t even have to pay the shipping and handling fee for delivery. We’ll cover that ourselves as a token of appreciation from us to you for the support you’ve given to our business.


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