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  • Miller-Smith 16280 Heavy Duty Acetylene Cutting Torch Outfit

Miller-Smith 16280 Heavy Duty Acetylene Cutting Torch Outfit

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Miller-Smith 16280 Heavy Duty Acetylene Cutting Torch Outfit

This Miller-Smith 16280 Heavy Duty Acetylene outfit comes with Miller's heavy duty SC series cutting attachment and torch handle which are nickel plated for extended service life. Cutting Torches are backed by Miller 5 year warranty. Cuts up to 8 in (203 mm) and can weld up to 1/2 in (13 mm) with the right Miller-Smith welding tips.

Miller-Smith 16280 Cutting Torch Outfit Comes With:


  • Torch Handle (WH200A)
  • Cutting Attachment (SC209)
  • 2 Cutting Tips (SC12-0 & SC12-1)
  • Torch Mount Flashback Arrestors (H743)


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Heavy Duty Welding With Miller Acetylene Cutting Torch Outfits

Welding is one of the earliest processes widely implemented throughout different aspects of industrial work. Whether it was building ships, facilities, or even working in a shop, cutting metal and joining metal together has been a vital act in supporting an active, industrially-based society. Modern welders and cutters now have a choice of a variety of different tools and techniques, such as TIG, MIG, and even ionized plasma cutters. But even with all these newer techniques, the older forms of welding and cutting, such as the oxy-acetylene torch, haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, despite how old this technology and technique is, the “old fashioned” oxy-acetylene torch is still a useful, practical solution even today. Every task will have different requirements, and for something as elaborate as undersea pipeline construction, an expensive, high-tech solution will be required. But for the business owner working in a small shop, or the farmer that needs work done somewhere out an isolated part of the field or ranch, Miller still has older, cost effective solutions.

The Miller Tradition of Quality

Since the late 1920s, Miller Electric has been an active partner in the heavy industry of American progress. They have worked throughout the decades to see what exactly were the vision companies, architects and designers had for their projects and looked at what skilled tradesmen actually had to do to make those ambitions a reality. This has meant a lot of new innovations from Miller over the years, but they haven’t forgotten the old. In some cases, the old, with a few tweaks and modern adjustments is just as good—and sometimes more cost effective—than the new. The Miller-Smith 16280 heavy duty acetylene torch is one example of this.

Cost Effective Quality

The Miller-Smith 16280 heavy duty acetylene combination torch is for experienced tradesmen that still have a soft spot for torches built the old fashioned way. The 16280 uses the classic SC cutting assembly, with two cutting tips and torch-mount flashback arrestors. But even with that old school design, the 16280 still provides modern results. It can cut up to 5/8” with tips included. It also comes with Miller’s True Blue lifetime warranty when using Miller tips. Is ther The 16280 uses Graf-Tite cutting tip seats that are a much more efficient alternative to the old fashioned metal-to-metal tips. Graf-Tite cutting tip seats last a lot longer, letting people work better, without requiring frequent replacement, making them a cost-effective solution as well. The “slip-in” tip design only requires a wrench to fasten the tip, and it can be tightened by hand the rest of the way. This is a durable, cost-effective solution that will provide many hours of quality, reliable work under demanding circumstances.

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