Miller-Smith HBA-40510 Heavy Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit

$ 1,635.25

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Miller-Smith HBA-40510 Heavy Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit 

Miller heavy duty acetylene welding, cutting, and heating outfit with the following equipment; Heavy duty torch handle, cutting attachment, cutting, welding and heating tip with heavy duty regulators and torch mount flashback arrestors. This Miller outfit can cut up to 8" thick metal and comes with Miller 5 year warranty on the torch cutting attachment and handle. Comes with CGA510 Acetylene Regulator. 40 Series Miller-Smith Regulator.

Miller HBA-40510 Comes With:


  • WH200A Torch handle
  • SC209 Cutting attachment
  • SC12-1 Acetylene cutting tip
  • SC12-2 Acetylene cutting tip
  • SW205 Welding tip
  • ST602 Heating tip
  • 40-175-540 Oxygen regulator
  • 40-15-510 Acetylene regulator
  • RL1131 25-ft 1/4" Twin hose
  • N113ANB Friction lighter
  • 235657 Safety glasses
  • N230 Tip cleaner
  • H743 Torch mount flashback arrestors
  • operations manual