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  • Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Medium Duty Acetylene Toughcut Outfit
  • Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Medium Duty Acetylene Toughcut Outfit

Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Medium Duty Acetylene Toughcut Outfit

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Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Medium Duty Acetylene Toughcut Outfit

These Miller-Smith Toughcut Acetylene Outfits have many features found on more expensive outfits. Perfect for a multitude of applications such as farm, ranch, hobby, automotive, refrigeration, light fabrication, and repair. Cuts up to 6” with optional tips. These outfits have Miller's True Blue 3 Year Warranty on regulators and torches.

Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Toughcut Outfit includes


  • -CW5A Torch Handle
  • -CC509 Cutting Attachment
  • -MW205 Welding Tip
  • -MT603 Heating Tip
  • -MC12-1 Cutting Tip
  • -30-100-540 Oxygen Regulator
  • -30-15-510 Fuel Regulator
  • -Sparker
  • -Safety Glasses
  • -20Ft X 3/16 In Twin Hose
  • -Check Valves

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Welding With Toughcut Outfits Is For Big Jobs & Small Jobs Alike

Welding techniques have proven most useful for industrial purposes, like large scale projects. The ability to cut hardened materials like steel, or even join separate components together without sacrificing material strength is invaluable to large projects. Because of this, construction, ship building, and other major projects have all benefited from the heavy implementation of welding into the completion of these jobs, and in some instances, welding is synonymous with big jobs.
But that doesn’t mean that welding is only for big jobs. The same benefits that welding brings to larger scale projects that help big businesses and public works projects also pays dividends for small businesses and private individuals. Welding is not just for big jobs, it’s for small ones too, and everyone that can benefit from this technique should, which is why Miller stepped in with tools like MB55A Toughcut Outfit.

Miller-Smith MB55A-510 Supports Everyone

Since the 1920s, Miller Electric has worked closely with both the planners in the American heavy industry and the workers who must execute ideas and turn them into a reality. This means they have a good understanding of what it means to have a vision, but also know exactly what it takes to make a concrete, finished project, with the associated financial and physical costs to skilled tradesmen.
Because of this understanding of both sides of the fence, they have equipment that is designed to get the job done, but never at the cost of safety to the worker. And even though their equipment is highly regarded at the highest levels of industry, it’s also available for people with smaller needs and smaller budgets. The MB55A Toughcut outfit is just more proof that Miller is there for the needs of small business and private individuals, just as much as for the big companies.

Miller Acetylene Toughcut Outfit Working for You

For anyone that needs to do work on a smaller scale, but still needs good results and a reliable tool, the Miller-Smith MB55A Medium Duty Toughcut is for you. It’s an acetylene torch that is built for medium to small-scale projects and is perfect for anyone that wants to do work in light fabrication, farm or ranch work, automotive, refrigeration or personal shop or hobby projects. It also has a lot of features and functions that you might find on more premium products, but isn’t priced that way.
This outfit comes with both the basics you’ll need to get started, as well as some nice accessories, such as welding glasses for convenience and safety. You get the torch handle, cutting attachment, tips for welding, heating and cutting, oxygen and fuel regulators, a 20’ hose and check valves. You also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the Miller True Blue warranty has you covered for the first three years of use with your new outfit.

Quick Shipping, Low Prices

If the Miller-Smith MB55A Toughcut Outfit is the right tool for you and your working needs, we can deliver this unit to any door in the continental United States. It will arrive in perfect condition, ready to go, and with a minimum of waiting thanks to the alliances, we have with experienced, professional shipping partners. You don’t even have to pay for shipping and handling; we’ll handle that expense ourselves as our show of appreciation for your support of an honest American business.

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