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  • Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit
  • Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit

Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit

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Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Cutting Torch Outfit

Need a reliable torch kit that provides quality cuts and great safety features? Then a Miller-Smith 30 series outfit is the oxy-acetylene cutting torch for you! These torches offer Smith's in tip mixing technology which lengthens torch and tip life and creates a safer torch. 5 Year Warranty on the torch.  Regulators have a three year warranty.

Note: MBA-30300 regulator has female threads and is for a tank with male threads. Does not fit "B" and "MC" size tanks

MBA-30510 regulator has male threads and fits tanks with female threads.

Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Outfit Includes


  • -Cutting Attachment MC509
  • -Torch Handle WH100
  • -Welding Tip MW205
  • -Two Cutting Tips MC12-0 and MC12-1
  • -Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators 30-100-540 and 30-15-300
  • -Flashback Arrestors
  • -Hose 20ft x 3/16"
  • -Safety Glasses
  • - Spark Lighter and Oxygen and Acetylene Tanks Not Included


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There’s No Job Too Small For Miller-Smith MBA-30300 Cutting Torch Outfit

For people that aren’t familiar with the industrial world, the technique of welding may seem like something that’s only used for big jobs. The general public is often only exposed to welding in film and TV when huge infrastructure projects, like buildings, or ships, are being portrayed. And while it’s certainly true that big jobs use welding, that’s not the only time welding is useful.
For smaller, more personal projects welding can often be critical. Farmers, for example, may need to use a welding torch from time to time in order to make sure that the farm and its equipment is running smoothly in order to keep America fed. People building homes and setting up ventilation ducts, furnaces, and other HVAC components use welding to keep homes comfortable. That’s why it’s important that products like the Miller-Smith MBS Toughcut Outfit are available.

Miller Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Outfit Is For Everyone

Miller Electric started back in 1929, and, like most businesses, it was a simple, one-man operation. But hard work and a dedication to quality made Miller one of the most trusted names in the welding, and made it one of the largest companies for arc welding products in the world. The “power of blue” is now something that many professionals within the industry recognize as a sign of quality and reliability.
Today, Miller Electric is still a force to be reckoned with in the industry. While they are now a large company that operates at both the national and global levels, they’ve never forgotten that for every job that has a huge crew working at an offshore, marine facility, there’s a person in a shop or on a farm that also needs professional results. That’s why products like Miller-Smith Toughcut Outfits were made.

MBA 30300 Toughcut Outfit Ready To Get You Started

The Miller-Smith MBA 30300 Toughcut Outfit is a medium duty oxy acetylene torch that combines cost-effective design with professional quality. It uses the Miller’s in-tip gas mixing technology for acetylene gas, and includes torch-mount flashback arrestors. This lengthens the lifespan of both the torch and tip, in addition to making it safer. This particular model has female threads, and is designed for a tank with male leads. It won’t accept “B” and “MC” size tanks.
The outfit is complete with a lot of things required for even beginners to get started. Safety glasses, a 20’ hose, oxygen and acetylene regulators are just a few of the accessories you’ll find when you buy the kit. You will still need your own spark lighter and oxygen and acetylene tanks, but the other basics are all in the box, and so is the Miller True Blue warranty that will covers the cutting attachment and torch handle for the lifetime of the product.

Timely Shipping, Great Prices

The Miller-Smith MBA 30300 Toughcut Outfit might just be exactly what you need, and if so, we can send an order to anywhere in the continental USA. It will arrive safely, and with a minimal wait time thanks to the alliances we have with trusted, professional shipping partners. If you’re worried about the additional cost of shipping and handling, you can stop. We’ll pay for those charges ourselves, as our way of showing our appreciation for your choice to support a hard working American business.


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