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  • Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper

Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper

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Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper


The Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper works great to hold your work pieces while limiting the potential for damaging the pieces as other items sometimes do. Save some hassle and get the tools that will help you the most with Profax.


Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper Features:


  • Self centering
  • Reversible jaws
  • Easy mounting


  • Available WITH or WITHOUT the T-Handle Wrench

Works with the Profax WP-500, WP-1000, WP-2000 and WP-6000 Welding Positioners


Profax WPG-22 Welding Positioner Gripper Specifications:


  • Diameter (D): 19 3/4 inches
  • O.D. Capacity: 1 - 15 inches
  • I.D. Capacity: 4 - 22 inches
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Used On Profax Positioners: WP-500 / WP-1000 / WP-2000 / WP-6000


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  • Brand: Profax


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