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  • Revco 110 Black Stallion® Select Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

Revco 110 Black Stallion® Select Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Revco 110 Black Stallion® Select Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)


Revco 110 Welding Gloves are quality Black Stallion Welding Gloves. Reliably consistent quality for standard stick welding protection.


  • Select shoulder split cowhide
  • Cotton sock lining for comfort
  • Thumb strap reinforcement provides extra durability 
  • Kevlar® stitching provides spark and abrasion resistance


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Great Protection Is Key To Great Welding

Welding is one of the more dangerous heavy industry jobs. While detail-oriented training and years of experience contribute considerably to safe and efficient work environments, even the toughest, most talented welders risk their safety without the right gear and tools. Whether dealing with extreme heat, blinding light, or another powerful force with the ability to cause serious injury and general destruction, finding the right protective wear is essential. The hands endure a lot throughout a welding career, and the Revco 110 Black Stallion® Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves are among the best and most effective protection options available.

Black Stallion® Helps You Stay Safe on The Job

Black Stallion® has remained a heavy industry leader for over 40 years and continues to produce the high-quality welding products their customers need to feel safe and secure at work. The company’s dedication to crafting products that are above the standard grade is well-known, with even the smallest details in every piece of gear meticulously tested to ensure optimal results. Their creativity is also renowned. The company offers a complete line of garments, gloves, and accessories, including the Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves that offer the dependable coverage welders across the country and world need.

Protection You Can Count On

The Black Stallion® Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves feature the select shoulder split cowhide that stands up to extreme conditions. Lining is made of soft cotton sock to keep you comfortable, while the Kevlar® stitching provides extra resistance to sparks and abrasions. The thumb strap reinforcement offers extra durability for your peace of mind throughout the long work day. If you have been looking for dependable cowhide gloves to protect your hands, these are the high-quality options designed to last for years.

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Free shipping is just a part of our dedication to making your purchases as affordable as possible. Whether you require the highest-quality welding gloves or any other welding products from our online store, know you will get more from your money when you work with us. So, get the gloves you need to stay safe and secure on the job! Order them for yourself or your entire team today to enjoy a safer and more efficient work environment. Remember, there is no such thing as quality welding without quality protection!


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