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  • Revco 111R-18 Black Stallion® Cowhide 18" Stick Welding Gloves

Revco 111R-18 Black Stallion® Cowhide 18" Stick Welding Gloves

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 Revco 111R-18 Black Stallion Cowhide 18" Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

Revco 111R-18 Welding Gloves are quality Black Stallion Welding Gloves. These are inexpensive stick welding gloves.


  • Consistent quality and value
  • Natural wing thumb design
  • Fully sock lined for comfort
  • Protection up to the elbows
  • Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar


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Revco 111R-18 Black Stallion Cowhide Welding Gloves

Bearing the Black Stallion name, these Revco 111R welding gloves provide maximum protection for stick welders. The long cuffs keep your forearms and hands safe from burns and exposure to molten metals and the natural wing thumb design provides maximum flexibility and a comfortable fit.
Your hands often feel the brunt of most welding activities. From holding the torch to feeding the metal through, your hands require protection to stay comfortable and to remain productive through a long shift. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provide minimum requirements for safety equipment in all industries, and these Revco 111R gloves ensure you remain compliant while on the job.

Trusting Black Stallion for Your Welding Needs

Whether you're a seasoned welder or just starting out in your welding career, you may be tempted to cut corners when purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE). Cheap gloves and no-name brand products often won’t stand up to the daily demands of welders. For this reason, it’s best to choose a quality product, such as these Revco 111R welding gloves, to ensure you get maximum protection all day long.
Black Stallion has been in business for more than 43 years, providing quality protective products for a variety of industries, including welding, industrial, safety, gas and oil, electrical, utility and construction. The company focuses on innovation, customer service, attention to detail and products that last.

Fully Lined for Maximum Protection

Welding temperatures of a welding arc can get as high as 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, gloves with adequate insulation are important to the user. These Revco 111R gloves are fully sock lined for maximum protection, and the wide cuff design makes it possible to sling the gloves off if they overheat.
Dexterity isn’t as big a concern when it comes to stick welding, so the increased padding and protection can prove to be beneficial to the user in most circumstances.

Characteristics of Stick Welding Gloves

Stick welding produces a greater amount of heat, splatter and sparks for the user. For this reason, PPE should be made of durable materials and should be thick enough to withstand the constant conditions while on the job site. Longer gloves, such as the Revco 111R, that go all the way up to the elbow safeguard against accidents. The gloves extend over the clothing or tuck into a jacket to protect the full arm from both radiant and surface heat.
Kevlar stitching reinforces the design to prevent the gloves from coming apart at the seams. Soft cowhide keeps the gloves flexible enough for picking up metal rods to handling the welding torch. Reliable and affordable, these gloves are the perfect choice for companies or individual purchasers.



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