• Revco 17 Premium Elkskin Drive Gloves (1 Pair)

Revco 17 Premium Elkskin Drive Gloves (1 Pair)

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Revco 17 Premium Elkskin Drive Gloves (1 Pair)



Premium grain extra-thick elkskin leather provides unsurpassed softness. 


  • Premium grain extra-thick elkskin leather
  • Shirred elastic back offers a snug and secure fit
  • Keystone thumb design provides exceptional articulation and comfort
  • Inside seam construction protects threads from abrasion and wear


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Revco 17 Top Grain Elkskin Driver’s Style Gloves

One of Black Stallion’s best sellers, the Revco 17 elkskin driver’s style gloves are made of thick premium leather that stands up well against abrasions and constant wear. The gloves have an inside seam construction that safeguards against holes and tears. They are also reinforced at the base of the thumb to prevent damage.

Bright yellow has always been the standard for safety in every industry, and these driver’s style gloves are no exception. The bright color makes them easy to spot, so you don’t have to spend time searching for your equipment after a break. A curved construction follows the natural shape of the hands for increased comfort, even when you are resting.

Black Stallion

The Black Stallion Brand was created by Revco in 1974 in response to the need for high-quality welding and industrial protection products. The foundation of the company includes flame-resistant products, like gloves and garments that stand up to high heat yet outlast the competitors.

The quality engineers at Black Stallion test the design in every product to ensure that every product meets the standards the company has set and the safety standards set by the industry. When you are looking for driver’s style gloves, you can be assured that Black Stallion delivers high-quality and innovative products.

Types of Applications

Driver’s gloves are ideal for a variety of different industries and applications. The thick leather protects hands when putting together heavy machine parts or when moving heavy materials in the warehouse. They are also ideal for construction when lifting metals.

The gloves are made to fit snugly for greater dexterity, and they have an elasticized wrist, which prevents them from slipping and sliding and keeps dirt and debris from coming in contact with your hands.

Using the Right Gloves

Your hands are often the life’s blood of your work. It’s important to keep them free from hazards, regardless of your work environment. Whether you deal with chemicals, do welding or are out in the field, the proper safety equipment can make a difference.

Leather driver’s gloves are the top choice for many applications. The leather is resistant to heavy heat and, provided the leather is strong enough, it can safeguard against cuts and abrasions. The right gloves fight against fatigue, so you can work longer and harder.

It’s not enough to choose just any glove for the job. Inexpensive and poorly made products provide little to no protection and often result in injury. By choosing top brands and quality driver’s gloves, you can maintain healthy skin and reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Besides purchasing quality products, it’s important to inspect your safety equipment frequently for signs of wear and tear and replace it as needed.



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