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Revco 25K Premium Kidskin TIG Welding Glove w/ DragPatch® (1 Pair)

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Revco 25K Premium Kidskin TIG Welding Glove w/ DragPatch® (1 Pair)



Revco 25K Welding Gloves are quality Black Stallion TIG Welding Gloves. These are durable TIG welding gloves.


  • Excellent fit and feel for precision welding
  • Soft kidskin offers good dexterity
  • 4.5 inch cowhide leather protective cuff
  • Padded DragPatch side reinforcement
  • Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar

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Workplace Safety Is Always Important

Workplace safety is paramount and without proper protection for your hands, you can end up putting your whole career on the line. That’s why these Revco Kidskin Gloves are designed to be the exact solution you need to keep your hands safe while accomplishing your work on a daily basis. Check out these features that will ensure you are well-protected at work while you also enjoy comfort other gloves may not offer.

Have you ever worn ill-fitting gloves in the work place? They slide around, scrunch up, fall off and create an unsafe and uncomfortable situation all the way around. Gloves that don’t fit can expose you to heat and flame or cause you to lose your grip or be unable to perform as necessary. That won’t be the case with these Revco Black Stallion Kidskin TIG Welding Gloves. Well-fitted to your hands, these gloves enable just the level of exacting precision you need to weld well.

Comfortable, Premium Materials

Kidskin is a truly premium material to use for welding gloves – not only is it soft to the touch as it cushions your hands, but its pliability also allows a tremendous amount of dexterity. And with welding, you’ll often find yourself having to maneuver your hands through tight, dark spaces to accomplish nearly impossible connections. You’ll be able to bend any which way you have to while still love how great they feel.

It’s not just your fingers and lower hands that need protection from the high heat and flame you work with every day. Your upper hands and wrists can also be in danger from burns and the discomfort of your work. These Revco gloves feature cowhide protective cuffs that keep those additional areas safe and sound while also looking and feeling great.

So many types of gloves lack any form of padding, making your hands really uncomfortable after hours and hours of gripping your equipment, working in tight spots, and clenching and unclenching repeatedly. That’s why these Revco welding gloves offer padding just where you need it, to give your hands the extra measure of comfort they truly deserve.

Kevlar stitching is becoming the gold standard in crafting work gloves for professionals who need to be able to depend on reliability and long lasting products and that’s just what these Revco gloves offer. Not only are they more durable, they last longer.

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