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  • Revco 36WC 36" Side Split Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket (1 Jacket)

Revco 36WC 36" Side Split Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket (1 Jacket)

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Revco 36WC 36" Side Split Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket (1 Jacket)


  • Corduroy collar provides enhanced durability and extra comfort
  • Satin-lined shoulders allow for easier off and on
  • Reinforced front and wrist snaps offer durable convenience
  • Gusseted underarms allow a wider range of motion
  • Kevlar® stitched

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Black Stallion Jackets Mean Protection Always Matters

One of the great ironies of welding is that you work in a small area when it comes to cutting, or joining components, but the intense amounts of heat generated by the welding torch present a direct threat to every part of your body. And it’s not just the heat itself that can be dangerous, but also the sparks and other particles that are generated by welding, which can damage skin if they make contact.
This is why it’s absolutely critical to make sure that if you undertake any welding job, you have the right protection on hand. A helmet and visor are critical for protecting your eyes from the blinding light, but the rest of your body also needs adequate protection. For something as big as your chest and your arms, only something like the Revco leather 36” welding coat will do.

Revco’s Welding Jackets Got Your Back

The Revco Black Stallion line is one of the most popular brands of protective gear and with good reason. Revco has been in the business of making sure that workers get the protection they deserve on their chest, arms and hands since 1974. Over the decades they’ve continued to improve the quality of their gear, but more importantly, they’ve made it more accessible.
Revco is a progressive company, and when more women entered the heavy industry and started welding, Revco was there for them, catering to their needs. Both male and female skilled workers can enjoy the comfort and quality of Revco products in the sizes that are appropriate to them for better comfort, safety, and flexibility while on the job. The 36WC welding coat is just one more example of this.

A Warm Coat That’s Also Cool

The Revco Black Stallion 36WC side-split cowhide leather welding coat is a great combination of classic design and materials with modern techniques and technology. Leather itself is still one of the all-time great materials for both flexibility and protective qualities. Even centuries after the discovery of the leather-making technique, there’s a reason this material is still being used for certain kinds of clothing, and that’s especially true for a welding coat.
The leather itself provides a solid shield to protect against heat, while still being supple and flexible enough to allow the movement required for welding. A stand-up collar provides extra protection for the next from sparks, while the corduroy lined shoulders and arms make sure that no matter how hot you feel, you can always easily slip this coat off. The coat also features Kevlar stitching for even more resistance to heat and sparks as well as abrasion. This is a comfortable, flexible and effective piece of welding protection that also looks good on you while you do your work.

Excellent Prices, Responsive Shipping

If the Revco Black Stallion 36WC welding coat is something, you’d like to add to your inventory of protective gear we can send it straight to your door, provided you live somewhere in the continental USA. You won’t wait long at all, and you’ll get it in perfect condition, ready to go, thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, established shipping partners. For even more value for your dollar, you can place more orders with us, and if the total is over $100, you don’t have to pay shipping and handling charges. We’ll do that for you!


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