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  • Revco 96 Grain Cowhide Driver's Gloves w/ Pull Strap (1 Pair)

Revco 96 Grain Cowhide Driver's Gloves w/ Pull Strap (1 Pair)

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Revco 96 Grain Cowhide Driver's Gloves w/ Pull Strap (1 Pair)

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Get a Safer Grip with Cowhide Driver's Style Gloves

Put quality grain cowhide leather between your skin and anything you need to grip or work with. Keep your hands warm and comfortable as you man the steering wheel of large trucks or industrial equipment, or cover your digits for added protection as you work with tools and supplies in a variety of industries. Cowhide driver's style gloves offer comprehensive protection that works for many general use needs, and Revco's version of this safety equipment is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Grain cowhide means these gloves are made with leather that's been minimally worked. The lack of extra stitching and working enhances the durability and performance of these work gloves.

Customize the Fit for Increased Comfort

Well-fitting gloves are a must when it comes to safety. Gloves that are too loose can fall off and expose your hands to danger or catch on tools or equipment and put you at risk of injury. At the same time, driving or work gloves that are too tight can cause circulation or comfort issues.

One solution is to invest in a pair of well-fitting driver's gloves with an adjustment option, such as the pull strap on the Revco 96L grain cowhide gloves. Adjustment features such as pull straps or hook-and-loop closures let you ensure a snug fit at the wrist, so there's little chance your gloves will slip off when you most need them.

Driving Gloves for Safety on the Road

When you're operating complex equipment or putting yourself behind the wheel on the road, you can't don any pair of gloves and expect to stay safe. Some gloves diminish grip, which reduces your ability to respond on the road. A pair of Revco driving gloves, which are designed to grip tight and keep your digits dexterous enough for operating buttons and levers, lets you keep hands warm without sacrificing operation abilities.

Rely on a Proven Brand

Revco Black Stallion has more than 43 years of experience in the protective garment industry; its gloves are familiar to workers from all kinds of industries and a go-to favorite for people who want comfort, longevity and performance.

The Revco Black Stallion products are backed by decades of know-how in protecting workers on the job, which means you can rely on safety features like resistance to heat, flame and cuts. Wear and tear is common with any piece of equipment you wear regularly, but these high-quality driving, work and welding gloves take a beating without diminished performance.

Trust Us to Keep You Well Equipped for the Job

Our line of welding and driving gloves lets you find the right protective wear for your hands. Choose from grain cowhide driving gloves or more specific safety products and protect your skin from abrasions, heat or cuts.



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