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  • Revco 99Plus-BLK Black ToolHandz® Plus Original Snug Fit Mechanic Glove (1 Pair)

Revco 99Plus-BLK Black ToolHandz® Plus Original Snug Fit Mechanic Glove (1 Pair)

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Revco 99Plus-BLK Black ToolHandz® Plus Original Snug Fit Mechanic Glove (1 Pair)



Their original, still popular, mechanics glove features lightweight and durable synthetic leather with reinforced palm and fingertips. 


  • Titan 2 synthetic leather palm with reinforced contact zones
  • Strap cuff
  • Streamlined design with spandex back for better comfort and a snug fit
  • Excellent extended general protection
  • Wash separate cold; hang dry


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Revco 99Plus Tool Hands Snug Fit Work Gloves

These Revco 99Plus gloves are designed with both comfort and safety in mind. They’re crafted from synthetic leather for durability, and they have reinforced zones that make them resistant to punctures and tears when exposed to rough materials.
The backing of the gloves is manufactured with spandex, which makes them stretch and move easily for a greater range of movement, and the fingers have a naturally curved shape that makes it easier to relax the hands when not in use. The gloves have a snug fit, so it’s harder to sling them off in the middle of a job, and they come in an array of larger sizes to accommodate big hands.

The Black Stallion Brand of Welding Equipment

Black Stallion has over 43 years of experience manufacturing safety equipment for the welding industry. Leading the market in high-quality products, Black Stallion also services the electrical and utility industry, the oil and gas industry and the industrial and safety industries. All products are guaranteed to meet industry safety standards to keep workers protected from the heat and electrical arc exposure in welding and other safety hazards.
The company is also committed to innovation. It’s always adding new quality products to its line, like these Revco 99Plus work gloves. All products bear the Revco name as a symbol of pride.

Importance of Hand Protection

Approximately one in five work injuries are related to material handling. Many of these injuries can be avoided if workers had the correct hand protection. Safety gloves are of vital importance to reduce cuts, scrapes, strains and blisters throughout a normal day. They’re also designed to keep workers productive by being easy to use and secure.
Safety gloves reduce exposure to extreme heat or cold. They also safeguard against biological agents like bacteria and viruses, and they can protect against chemical burns. In welding, work gloves protect against extreme heat, sparks and flying metal fragments. Gloves also provide a barrier between your hands and rough materials to reduce stress and strain.

Choosing the Right Work Gloves

Just like not all work tasks are the same, not all work gloves are the same. The type of gloves you need depends solely on the type of work you do. Synthetic leather work gloves are ideal for heavy-weight tasks like handling construction materials, heavy-duty yard work, electrical work, and landscaping.
Choose gloves with a longer cuff, like that of the Revco 99Plus that can tuck inside a shirt sleeve or jacket sleeve to provide protection to the lower arm. Gloves with seams along the padding of the hand tend to be more comfortable and provide greater flexibility. Reinforced fingers also safeguard against abrasions and reduce punctures.



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