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  • Revco FS7-KHK Khaki Long Sleeve FR Cotton Work Shirt (1 Shirt)

Revco FS7-KHK Khaki Long Sleeve FR Cotton Work Shirt (1 Shirt)

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Revco FS7-KHK Khaki Long Sleeve FR Cotton Work Shirt (1 Shirt)



Features & Benefits


  • 7 oz. FR-treated cotton 
  • Generous comfortable fit
  • Chest pockets with flaps
  • Durable metal snaps
  • ASTM F1506


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Sometimes You Need To Dress Right To Work Right

In welding, two things are critical to getting a job done. You need to make sure you are using the right tools, but you also need to ensure that you are wearing the right clothes and gear. If you decide to weld without any sort of protective gear for your eyes, for example, then your welding career is going to be very short, because you will blind yourself.
The same is true for the rest of your body. Welding exposes you to intense amounts of heat, as well as sparks and other particulates that are extremely hot and damaging to the skin. If you’re not wearing anything, you may suffer from burns that can do permanent, lasting damage to you, and impact every aspect of your life from personal to professional. Protection is important, and Revco understands that, which is why they have products like the Revco Limited Wash Long Sleeve Cotton Work Shirt.

Revco Cotton Work Shirts Put You First

Revco has been putting a lot of thought into protecting people that work in the heavy industry since 1974. They work with both natural as well as synthetic materials and have decades of experience making sure that both types of substances work harmoniously with each other, and, more importantly, safely to provide protection.
But Revco isn’t just about technology innovation; it’s also about consumer equality. Men and women are different, but both of them work as welders in the heavy industry, and Revco makes sure that both genders get to work in comfort and safety. Their lines of protective clothing and accessories are sized for both male and female skilled workers, without compromising on the safety aspects. The Revco FS7-KHK cotton work shirt is another fine addition to the Revco line that exemplifies this.

Light But Durable

The Revco long sleeve, limited wash FS7-KHK TruGuard 200 FR cotton work Shirt is a versatile piece of clothing. If you’re doing just light welding, this shirt is good enough all on its own to provide the protection you need while you work. However, if you’re doing some heavier work, this shirt acts as an important secondary layer of protection that you can wear under a jacket or bib to provide additional heat resistance.
The shirt is made of 7 oz. flame resistant cotton, with long sleeves to keep the arms protected as well. It has chest pockets and is easy to put on and wear thanks to the metal snaps built into the design. It’s light, comfortable, flexible and lets you work easily without having to worry about what will happen to your arms or chest because of heat or sparks.

Good Price & Fast Shipping

If the FS7-KHK 200 FR cotton work shirt is a good fit for you and your needs, place an order with us, and we can have it delivered right to your preferred address if you live anywhere in the continental USA. You’ll get it quickly and in perfect condition thanks to the alliances we have with efficient, professional shipping partners. For even more value, look for a few more things you want or need and bundle them into one order. If the total is over $100, there’s no shipping and handling charge; we’ll pay that ourselves!

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