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  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)
  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)
  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)
  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)
  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)
  • Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)

Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)

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Revco GB100 BSX® Extreme Welders Gearpack (1 Gearpack)





Designed inside and out specifically for welders, the BSX® Gearpack includes lots of storage room and accessory/tool pockets.


  • Quick-release padded HelmetCatch™ makes protecting and transporting your helmet a snap
  • Padded ergonomic straps allow bag to be worn as backpack 
  • Rivet-reinforced top handle with rubberized grip for sturdy and comfortable transporting 
  • Exterior mesh pocket with top cord lock 
  • FREE utility carabineer and lunch cooler included (inside gearpack)
  • 15" L x 12" W x 19" H


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Take Care Of Your Gear & It Will Take Care Of You

All experienced workers in the heavy industry take one thing very seriously. You need to wear the right protective gear if you want to do the job properly and safely. Even if you think you won’t make a mistake while using a powerful tool, there’s no accounting for accidents that have nothing to do with your skill, that the gear can protect you from.

In some cases, it’s not humanly possible to do a job without protection. Welding, for example, creates light so blinding that it permanently damages exposed eyes. Unless you have perfect visualization, welding with your eyes shut is unlikely to yield good results. But you need to make sure your helmet is in good condition, which is where the Revco GB100 BSX® Helmet Backpack can help.

Revco Keeps You Safe

Revco got its start in 1974, so as a “disco era” company, it’s definitely one of the younger businesses in the industry. However, that recent start also means that it’s up to speed on the modern sensibilities of the heavy industry. It proudly serves both the men and women of the industry.

This means that Revco has always been about equal opportunity work, and, more importantly, equal opportunity protection. Their gear is designed to work with modern skilled workers, regardless of their size or gender. But they also know that sometimes, the best way to take care of a person’s safety is to take care of their equipment, which is why they created the Revco Welding Backpack.

For Your Stuff & Your Helmet

The BSX Welding Bag has been designed specifically to meet the needs of welders. It includes a large space for storing big items but also has a generous amount of pockets for accessories and other tools that make them easy to access without needing to dig through a big pile in the pack itself. This welding helmet backpack is designed to be carried either as a bag or worn as a backpack.

The GB100 stores the helmet on the outside, with quick release, padded helmet catch “pod” that protects the helmet even while outside the pack. It comes with padded, ergonomic straps for people that choose the backpack option to wear it. An exterior mesh pocket with top cord lock provides some additional outside storage space that is easy to access and manage. A carabineer and lunch cooler are also included with the pack!

Decent Prices, Brisk Shipping

If you know you’ll have an easier time getting to and from work by using this welders bag, we can send this product to any door in the continental United States. Your waiting time will be very short, and there won’t be any worries about condition thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, trusted shipping partners. For some added value, if you buy more from us, and your order totals $100 or more, there’s no shipping and handling charge! We’ll pay that ourselves to show our appreciation for your support of an American business.


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