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  • Revco GM1510-WT Premium Goatskin MIG Glove w/ DragPatch™ (1 Pair)

Revco GM1510-WT Premium Goatskin MIG Glove w/ DragPatch™ (1 Pair)

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Revco GM1510-WT Premium Goatskin MIG Glove w/ DragPatch™ (1 Pair)



Features & Benefits


  • Padded DragPatch® for hot zone coverage
  • Seamless index finger for excellent trigger control 
  • Lined palm provides extra defense from heat
  • Kevlar® stitching provides a spark abrasion resistance


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Importance of Personal Protection Equipment

Remaining compliant with industry standards is just one reason to choose personal protection equipment for daily welding. Welders are often exposed to constant fumes, heat and other environmental hazards on a daily basis. PPE reduces the risk of work hazards and keep workers both comfortable and healthy throughout a work shift.
Some of the top PPEs for welders include helmets, respiratory devices, apparel, gloves, jackets, and blankets or curtains. Workers exposed to electric shock may also be required to wear dry gloves to reduce the likelihood of injury. Equipment should be kept in excellent condition and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Choosing Goatskin Leather

Most welding gloves are crafted from some type of leather due to its heat resistance and durability. Goatskin is excellent all-around leather that’s durable enough to withstand the daily use of welders in extreme conditions but soft and supple enough to provide touch sensitivity and comfort.
Goatskin is much lighter than cowhide, which reduces strain, and it’s much more flexible, providing greater dexterity for the user. It requires very little break-in time, so users can wear the gloves for a full shift straight out of the package. Goatskin is often used in military apparel, like jackets, due to its reliability and maximum performance.

The Revco GM1510-WT MIG Glove

These Black Stallion GM1510-WT welding gloves are designed specifically for use in MIG welding. MIG welding is the most common type of welding. It generates less heat than stick welding, so the material does not need to be as thick, but it needs to be thicker than for TIG welding gloves. The user operates the welding gun with a trigger, which requires greater dexterity. Designed with a seamless index finger, the Revco glove provides comfort without rubbing or chafing.
MIG gloves tend to be lightweight but must still offer excellent heat resistance, especially when welding long runs. The Revco GM1510 glove is Kevlar stitched, which reduces the potential of seam splitting, even in the most intense situations. As a result, you won’t need to replace your gloves as often, thus saving money in the end.

Quality You Can Trust

These Revco GM1510-WT gloves are manufactured by Black Stallion, which has been a leader in welding gear and personal protection equipment for over 43 years. The company is committed to innovation, which means each pair of gloves is designed with the latest technologies for lasting use.
Black Stallion understands that value and affordability mean more than just price. Each piece of equipment is designed with a commitment to consistency, quality and unsurpassed customer service. All products are tested by a team of engineers with a focus on the smallest of details. The result is a pair of gloves that meet the company’s high standards.



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