Strong Hand PG634V 8.5" Fixed Pipe Pliers

$ 25.50

Strong Hand PG634V 8.5" Fixed Pipe Pliers



Strong Hand Pipe Pliers are a convenient way to hold round or square tubes for butt-welding.


  • Wide opening allows the Pipe Pliers to hold up to 2-1/2"(64 mm) diameter pipes
  • 2 V-Pads provide a better clamping surface
  • Adjustable top spindle for holding pipes of varying sizes
  • 0° & 45° angle clip allows angled clamping




  • OAL: 8.5"
  • Top V Pad: Fixed
  • Bottom V Pad: Fixed
  • Throat Depth: 3"
  • Opening: 2" - 3"
  • Thread: M8



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