Thermal Dynamics 7-0040 1Torch SL40 Plasma Torch

$ 459.80

Thermal Dynamics 7-0040 1Torch SL40 Plasma Torch


This Thermal Dynamics SL40 Plasma Torch has a 15ft lead. This is the replacement SL40 1Torch for the Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter. This is a genuine Thermal Dynamics Plasma Torch. Comes with ATC quick connect plug.

Included Features



Ergonomic Torch Handle
Extended or Protected Consumable Parts
One Year Torch & Leads Warranty
Precision Engineered Torch Consumable Parts
Lower Consumable Parts Inventoried and Costs







Replacement Torch-Manual Air Plasma Cutting









Industrial Applications



HVAC, Trailer Mfg, Fabrications Shops, Ship Building



Home Shop, Plumbing



Auto Body Repair, Metal Stud/Building Construction



Amperage Range



27-40 Amps



Gas Type