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  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i
  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i
  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i

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Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i


The Cutmaster 60i is the perfect combination of end-user insight, advanced technology, and intelligent design. Packed with power and offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Cutmaster 60i also has best in class cutting arc length and the most empowering and engaging user experience no matter the application. 


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Now You’re Cutting With Plasma

When you start working with some of the hardest materials on the planet, like different types of metals, you need the right tools and a lot of power. It’s one thing to cut wood or reshape it into beams or joists for a home. It’s another thing to do the same with steel, brass or copper. To do this kind of work, you need enormous amounts of power safely focused into a small space. And while traditional welding torches can do this job, if you want to do it in the fastest, most efficient way, you’ll want the latest technology. That means you want to use a product like the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i with SL60QD 1Torch.

A Global Alliance

It was in 1957 that James Browning and Merle Thorpe first incorporated their company, Thermal Dynamics. This bold, innovative American company eventually became one of the first pioneers in the field of using plasma as a cutting tool. Over the years they perfected their technology for both manual and automated plasma cutting purposes.

They became so popular and well-known within their field that Thermal Dynamics eventually got the attention of Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget better known as ESAB. This large, Swedish industrial company allied itself with Thermal Dynamics, and today, that alliance is better than ever with new products for skilled tradesmen to use, like the Cutmaster 60i.

Big Power In A Small Package

The Thermal Dynamics 1-5630-1 Cutmaster 60i is a welder with SL60QD 1Torch for a complete, plasma-cutting package. It’s rated as having the highest power to weight ratio in its class, and weighs in at just 37 lbs., making it easy to move around when combined with its compact size. It’s great for HVAC, auto, civil construction, and many other needs.

The Cutmaster 60i is very easy to use. This all application welder has a high visibility and oversized display to make for better reading of its important info, like consumables end-of-life indicators so you never “go dry” in the middle of a job, and gas optimizer technology. It’s rated for 7.6kW output, with 50% Duty Cycle at 60A, and automatic voltage detection from 208-480V. The torch itself is also built for convenience with an Advanced Torch Connect system that allows for quick disconnects and selective replacement of either the torch handle assembly or the leads. For added peace of mind, the plasma cutter itself comes with a four-year warranty, while the torch is covered separately for one year. Enjoy the best in class cutting arc length of this product and get your work done better and faster.

Fair Prices, Responsive Shipping

If you want to add the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i to your set of tools, we can ship this plasma cutter to any door in the continental USA. It will arrive in perfect, working condition; with minimal waiting thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, experienced shipping partners. There won’t even be any additional charges for shipping and handling. We’ll pay that ourselves as a show of appreciation for your choice to support a proud American business.


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