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  • Tillman 1105W Ladies Shoulder Split Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

Tillman 1105W Ladies Shoulder Split Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1105W Ladies Shoulder Split Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)



Designed for welders with smaller hands



  • Small hands sized, blue, shoulder split cowhide 
  • 12" length 
  • Cotton/foam lined for added heat protection 
  • Durable welted fingers protect stitching 
  • A Lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for added strength 
  • Also available as 1105WRH (Right Hand ONLY) and 1105WLL (Left Hand ONLY)

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Tillman’s 1105W Ladies’ Shoulder Split Cowhide Stick Welding Gloves

Made especially for a lady’s smaller hands, the Tillman 1105W shoulder split stick welding gloves are designed for a perfect fit. It’s important to choose a pair of gloves for welding that fit securely without providing too much fabric that can restrict movement and lessen the sensitivity of the user. Unlike TIG welders that rely on dexterity, stick welders can accept slightly more padding and still work efficiently.

The gloves also have a longer length that covers the wrist and part of the forearm to safeguard against heat and splatter. The longer length protects sensitive skin when resting or if you accidentally brush across the welding surface. The ladies stick welding gloves also come in a bright blue color that is both functional and fashionable.

High Quality Is the Key to Safety

Stick welding is often referred to as shielded arc welding. This type of welding requires an intense amount of heat to lay a weld. In fact, of all the types of welding, stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and splatter, which means thick gloves are a necessity.

Gloves that are insulated with cotton or wool prevent burns from thermal contact. The Tillman 1105W gloves are cotton-foam lined for increased heat protection. The fingers also have welted stitching to prevent them from coming undone in the middle of a job. The lock stitching is made with Kevlar for added strength and to prevent heat from coming through.

Choosing Tillman Products

In 1928, the John Tillman Company was formed with the intention of making safe products for welders and industrial workers. With quality as their top priority, the company became one of the leaders in the industry for manufacturing safety apparel and protective accessories.

Tillman products range from welding gloves to lightweight and flame-retardant welding blankets, curtains and accessories. Like the stick welding gloves, all of Tillman’s products are crafted from the highest-quality grain leather, flame retardant cotton and aluminized materials.

Features of Stick Welding Gloves

Stick welding is one of the most popular types of welding. It is used in the construction of buildings and other heavy steel structures. Stick welding, like most types of welding, uses electricity to create an arc. The heat has to get hot enough to fuse the metal, so adequate protection is required to prevent injury.

Leather is the material of choice when making protective gear for welders because it is non-conductive and extremely durable. Cowhide, like that in Tillman’s 1105W ladies’ welding gloves, is the most popular leather because it is both durable and comfortable.

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