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  • Tillman 1338 4" Cuff Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

Tillman 1338 4" Cuff Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1338 4" Cuff Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves (1 Pair)


  • Pearl top grain goatskin for superior feel and dexterity
  • Glide patch eases movement and protects side of glove when dragging a welding gun
  • Reinforced thumb for added strength in a key stress area
  • Straight thumb for best gun grip
  • Kevlar sewn for added seam strength
  • 4" cuff


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The Safety Requirements of TIG Welding

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is arguably the most sophisticated and high-skill welding process in use today, and it’s prized for jobs that require precise execution and aim for maximum aesthetic appeal. Like all welding processes, TIG welding comes with its own particular safety requirements. Welders have to guard against a wide range of hazards, especially dust and gas and effects from electrical and magnetic fields. Hand safety and choosing the right welding glove is no exception.
TIG welding generally produces the lowest heat of the major welding processes, but it still requires guarding against constant heat and occasional splatter and sparks. Because of the precision and skill involved in TIG welding, it's important that welding gloves for this process have excellent dexterity and feel, while still offering strong protection against such heat and spark hazards. Goatskin is one of the most popular choices of material for a TIG welding glove, remaining soft and supple while providing great tensile strength and defense.

What Makes a Great TIG Welding Glove

What makes for "good dexterity" in a welding glove depends on the process and the task. Overall, the level of heat protection required by a stick or MIG welding job is higher, and the level of required manual dexterity lower, than what might be required by a typical TIG welding job. TIG is the process that requires the highest degree of manual dexterity by far: You can compare it to the contrast between catching a baseball in a mitt and being able to change the oil in your car.
There are other considerations that go into a great TIG welding glove. Seam strength is the key to longevity, and quality gloves offer Kevlar stitching for greater durability. This also provides protection from possible cuts when dealing with sharp pieces of metal. The thumb is a stress area for TIG welders, and a well-designed glove provides plenty of reinforcement and support for that digit.
These Tillman 1338 4-inch Cuff Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves are designed with these considerations in mind. These gloves have the full benefit of Tillman’s legendary reputation for quality. The company started out in the Signal Hill district of California oil country, but it rose quickly to the forefront of manufacturers of quality welding gloves and leather protective garments. Tillman takes pride in its heritage, product quality and reputation for efficiency in order turnaround and fulfillment. At root, it's all part of the Tillman commitment to safer, more productive workplaces.

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