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  • Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves front and back
  • Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves back, angled
  • Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves back
  • Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves palm

Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)



The Tillman 1415 Top Grain Goatskin Driver's Gloves are made with premium pearl grain goatskin, providing exceptional abrasion resistance and tensile strength. These gloves feature a cinched cuff for a secure fit and a seamed forefinger for added comfort. The cotton seams are lock stitched for enhanced strength. With a keystone thumb for a natural feel and added protection, these unlined gloves offer reliable hand protection while maintaining dexterity. Suitable for various applications, these gloves are a premium choice for those seeking comfort, durability, and flexibility.


Product Overview


  • Premium pearl grain Goatskin
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength
  • Keystone thumb, unlined
  • Lock stitched for added strength


Product Details


  • Premium
  • Seamed Forefinger
  • Keystone Thumb
  • Unlined
  • Cinched Cuff
  • Pearl


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Hands Are Essential For Work

While not every line of work requires it, for many types, especially in the heavy industry, protecting your hands and keeping them in good shape is essential. Other occupations like singing or athletic racing may emphasize the voice or the feet, but for hard, physical-based labor, it’s usually the hands that you’ll use for most of the activities you undertake.

The problem is, different types of work may expose your hands to different situations. You may use a tool, such as a welding torch, in which case, your hands need to be protected from intense heat, as well as possible spatter from the work itself. You may work in construction, which means needing to be still able to grip, hold and have access to your manual dexterity. And for driving, there are the Tillman 1415 goatskin gloves to make sure people drive comfortably and safely.

Tillman Brings Quality From The West

Tillman puts workers first, though initially, it worked from a much a smaller sphere of influence. Unlike many heavy industry companies in America, Tillman started not in the east, but on the west coast, in California, back in 1928. Their initial customers were the workers in the burgeoning oil industry of that time.

In the 21st century, Tillman now protects skilled tradesmen in every sector of the heavy industry. The oil industry still enjoys Tillman protective gear, but now people in construction, welding, fabrication and other general duties can also get the benefit of their products. Even for people who drive, there’s the right kind of protection with Tillman 1415 Goatskin drivers gloves to take the wheel.

Keeping Hands Ready To Drive

The Tillman 1415 top grain goatskin drivers gloves have been optimized in their design to help deal with the specific hazards that hands face while driving. While protection from heat and sparks aren’t big issues in a vehicle, it’s important to maintain both a firm grip, while at the same time not suffering from the possible discomfort of friction and abrasion related injuries.

These gloves are made with premium pearl, top grain goatskin. This means that the best part of the cowhide has been applied to the glove for a smooth finish that doesn’t sacrifice durability. The goatskin is used to provide great protection against abrasion, without impacting feel, which can be important for some people who want to maintain a “feel of the wheel.”

Good Prices, Fast Shipping

Anyone that could benefit from the comfort and protection of these Tillman 1415 drivers gloves can have the order sent to any address in the continental United States. The shipment will be sent very quickly, and there won’t be any worries about the condition they arrive in, thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, professional shipping partners.

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