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  • Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves front and back
  • Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves back, angled
  • Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves back
  • Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves palm

Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1418 Reinforced Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)


The Tillman 1418 Top Grain and Split Cowhide Back With Reinforced Palm Drivers Gloves combine top grain pearl cowhide palm with a cowhide split leather patch for enhanced durability. These gloves feature a cinched cuff for a secure fit, double stitching on the forefinger for added strength, and double stitched cotton seams. With a keystone thumb for a natural feel and added protection, these unlined gloves offer reliable hand protection and flexibility. Ideal for various tasks, they provide a balance of durability, comfort, and dexterity.


Product Overview


  • Top grain pearl Cowhide palm with added cowhide split leather patch for added durability
  • Bourbon brown Cowhide split leather back
  • Unlined
  • Keystone thumb
  • Double stitching on forefinger provides extra strength


Product Details


  • Premium
  • Double Stitching Forefinger
  • Keystone Thumb
  • Unlined
  • Cinched Cuff
  • Bourbon Brown, Pearl


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Selecting Quality Driver’s Gloves

Driver’s gloves come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your job. They help reduce injuries and protect the skin from scrapes, chemicals, heat and debris. Driver’s gloves work for a wide variety of tasks, including moving construction materials, spot welding, carrying heavy debris and operating heavy machinery. The increased protection and comfort can keep you working harder for longer.
Most industries have safety standards that must be met. These standards are set by organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which provide the minimum protection you must have to remain compliant. Whether purchasing for an entire workforce or as an individual, these Tillman 1418 driver gloves meet required safety standards.

Which Leather for the Job?

The type of leather you choose for your work gloves makes a difference in durability and performance. Leather is crafted from tanned animal skin. Because it comes from different parts of the animal’s body, it varies in thickness and color. Full or top-grain leather is smooth and soft. It comes from the external part of the skin. Flesh spilt leather has a stiffer texture because it comes from the bottom layer of the skin. Leather cut from the side and shoulder of an animal is more durable than leather from the stomach.
Leathers range from cowhide, pigskin, elkskin, goatskin and deerskin. Cowhide is often the most popular choice for work gloves because it’s both durable and affordable. These Tillman 1418 reinforced top grain cowhide driver’s gloves have a split leather back for increased durability.

Trusting Tillman for Dependable Products

In business for over 85 years, the John C. Tillman Company manufactures a variety of products for welders and other industrial workers. The company began in Southern California and currently has a product catalog of over a thousand different items.
Products include welding gloves, high heat clothing, welding blankets, screens and other accessories. The company prides itself on affordable merchandise, maximum quality, high turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

The Tillman 1418 Reinforced Driver’s Glove

Low in price but big in quality, the Tillman 1418 is a reinvented version of the popular 1414 glove design. It’s unlined, which makes it more lightweight and touch sensitive, and it has a keystone thumb shape that feels as comfortable as it looks. Unlike a straight thumb, the keystone thumb is set in as a separate piece and positioned naturally for maximum comfort.
Double stitching on the forefinger helps prevent tears at the seams. These gloves also have an elasticized wrist that keeps them secure but makes it easy to shake the gloves off as needed. The outside of the glove bears the Tillman name for quality. You can also purchase them in a variety of sizes if you're purchasing in bulk for your company

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