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  • Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves front and back
  • Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves back, angled
  • Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves back
  • Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves palm

Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

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Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Drivers Gloves (1 Pair)

The Tillman 1428 Top Grain and Split Cowhide Driver's Gloves combine a durable top grain cowhide palm, highly resistant to abrasions and punctures, with a split leather back for added moisture and abrasion resistance. The cinched wrist ensures a snug fit and prevents debris from entering the glove. With a seamless forefinger, these gloves are particularly suitable for spot welding tasks. Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread, they offer exceptional strength and heat resistance. The keystone thumb provides a natural feel and added protection, while the cotton lined back enhances heat resistance during welding applications.


Product Overview


  • Durable premium Top grain Cowhide palm and split leather back
  • Seamless forefinger, great for TIG and spot welding
  • Cotton back for added heat resistance during welding applications
  •  Cinched wrist for a snug it and keep debris out of the glove
  • Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread for strength and heat resistance
  • Keystone thumb for a natural movement of the thumb


Product Details


  • Premium
  • Seamless Forefinger
  • Keystone Thumb
  • Cotton Lined
  • Cinched Cuff
  • Bourbon Brown, Pearl


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Maximum Protection for Spot Welding Projects

The heavy industry gets its name because much of the work involves massive weight, huge physical forces, or projects of enormous scale. While people are still essential in doing these jobs, powerful tools and energy are required by skilled tradesmen to do these jobs. This often means that the people who do these jobs need to protect themselves from the effects of the equipment they use.

Different parts of the body require different types of protection. Eyes need to be shielded from the blinding light of a welding torch. However, that protection shouldn’t prevent the tradesmen from being unable to see, and thus unable to work. In the same way, hand protection has to allow a person to enjoy some level of security, but not compromise the ability to actually get the job done. The Tillman 1428 driver’s gloves do this for professionals at the wheel.

Tillman’s Western Legacy

Tillman has its beginnings in the early 20th century, out west in the state of California. When they first began in 1928, they were focused on helping the workers of the west to get the most out of the boom period in oil that was taking place in the state at this time. Eventually, their reputation spread beyond just the shores of the Pacific.

By the time the 21st century arrived, oil in North America wasn’t as prominent an industry as in the past, but the heavy industries in various areas still needed quality protection. Tillman’s focus on protective gear has spread to other lines of work and different parts of the body, whether it is the head, or the hands, for use in welding or driving. The Tillman 1428 driver’s gloves are a perfect example.

Comfortable Kevlar Stitched Welding Gloves

The Tillman 1428 Top Grain/Split Cowhide Driver’s Gloves are part of the “standard” line of Tillman products, so they are a great option for people on a budget. The palm is made with top grain cowhide to preserve durability and a smooth finish. The back uses cowhide split back with elastic for a better fit.

For added protection, the back has been lined cotton. For additional strength and even a bit of added heat resistance, Kevlar has been stitched into the glove. The keystone thumb design conforms to the natural shape of the hand and helps to achieve an easy, comfortable grip with protection from abrasion. Gripping the wheel is easier and more comfortable with this glove!

Affordable Prices, Zippy Shipping

If a pair of Tillman 1428 driver’s gloves looks like it might be right for you and the kind of work you do, we can send a pair to any address located in the continental United States. They will arrive in perfect condition, with a very short waiting time thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, established shipping partners. If you want to get more from your dollar, then shop around for more! Any order with us that totals $100 or more has free shipping and handling!


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